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yea its funny when you're in raid groups from openraid and you hear the yanks complaining about their lag being over 100. One guy restarted his router to try and fix his lag coz he was getting 200-250 once that made me giggle
I usually sit at 170 sometimes it'll hit 250, Optus Cable, Sydney.
Mine sits mostly at 160.

Unless its like last night when it went to 700 and stayed there for about an hour before returning to 160. Slingshot, ADSL2, New Zealand.
280-300 with lowerping(i am not from australia).

No longer interested in renewing or buying mop to be forced to play with this ping unless servers are moved to like SG. T14 raid mechanics are going to be worse with this ping.I would much go rather play DOTA2 and get 100 ping there.
180 - 210 ms when connection is steady both ends.

Clubtelco ADSL1 Unlimited (best speed in my area), New South Wales Australia
Playing on a Telstra 4G connection, and sitting at 200-250ms, no change in dungeons or 25 man raids. Yet to try with vent, but with a connection speed that averages 25MBs down, 10MBs up, i doubt vent will affect it much.
Average of 250ms. Manila, Philippines with 1 MBPS ADSL broadband speed.
mine is usually around 220 in nth QLD, when i use lowerping sometimes get 185-195ms but usually even with lowerping its around 220, although that may be because i used leatrix.
Generally 180-220 but lately 250ish, my highest spike was over 600000ms :p

Anyone else hate bigpond as much as me?
i average from 150-200 im in sydney with Optus Adsl2+ i live on the Northern beaches
Averaging 160-180ms at any given time.

On Fiber, Victoria. (Australian)
Generally between 500-750 but lowest I've got is 150 and highest has been around 20k lol but I regularly get up to 2-3k
78-85 MS lat here but I'm playing from the US east coast granted but still much better from the further away locations you guys play from
Where is the Oceanic server based? I'm from England so I usually play on the EU server, but I have a US account now and I have 120ms average all the way from England.
I am normally sitting on 200ms. Never really go much higher unless something in game is lagging out hard. I thought blizzard did something to help us, since I was normally sitting at around 600ms.
120-160 last 2 days 1200+ for some reason the net outside of wow is still super fast so yeah
Indonesia, 350 - 425ms. This doesn't look like proper oceanic latency. Worst than the US latency I get.
Too high , too high.

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