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This is a repost from our realm forums for interests sake.
That's right this Saturday 2nd April 2011, 4pm server time <The Aftermath> are sponsoring an JOUSTING COMPETITION for the horde. We're stumping up 100000g that is up for grabs! This is not a joke, wind up or hoax. Wear your finest regalia and you might win a prize too! I'll be handing out 10k to best dressed on the day as a side prize!

*shameless guild plug* <The Aftermath> (lvl 20)Now recruiting for our 10man raid group, please post your app to http://the-aftermath.net or contact one of our officers in game. We take casuals as well, just no beggers or offensive a$$hats. we will have smaller guild only events of varying sorts as well.

How this Joust event will work:-

No registrations, just be there on the day and able to joust (have completed the tournament quest line). We will be forming 40man raids, the raid leaders will be removing people as they lose matches, we will then be condensing the raids as the tournments continues untill we get down to 20 people who will all then be eligible for 2000g. The final winner of the tournament will receive 60000g. 60k!!!!

Anyone that DC's and misses their joust will be removed to keep things fair, we can't risk ppl intentionally trying to avoid certain players.

We chose jousting as an event as it takes gear out of the equation, we wanted something that would be open to everyone. Now get practising!!!

People to contact regarding this myself obviously or Oxad, on the day any of our guild members that are in Ice Crown would make sense.

Any queries on how jousting works http://www.wowwiki.com/Argent_Tournament would be a good place to start researching. Please don't ask me, I hate those questions haha! (Eidt:splelling zzz)
this is a great idea i'll try and be there. I still kinda wish arena and rBG's had gone this way.

imagine this concept, kind of like the fishing competition. wow puts it out there, people sign up or sign their team on the calander and then bam. Mini tournament that after a couple of games lets say u win some, lose some others. You open a chest and get some pvp loot based on how u did.

Add a weekly lock out to that and you've basically got a pvp version of a raid boss. Based on how good you really are instead of how much time ur willing to put in. The advantage to this is that you could have different grades with different levels of rewards. This means that it wouldn't just be for elite pro's but casual players could do their lockout, have some fun and not just feel like their getting spanked for no reward (which is my feeling on RBG's atm)

cya there meat

1 day to go! lllllllllllllllllllllets get ready to ruuuuuumbllllllllle! or you know...gallop with sticks
Thanks to everyone who showed up, we had almost a full raid group, sadly more people didn't show up but that is there loss and everyone elses win!

Grats to Gemedes/Hirako & Zixxy for winning fashion contest, amazing costumes!
Grats to the 20 runners up for recieving 2k each!
Grats to Aimit for winning the 60k! Was a very good last round and honorable mention to Choicecut for coming 2nd! He came back from losing to make it to the final! Amazing job!

Once again thanks to all that came! We will be doing more events like this but most will be inguild! And as always The Aftermath is recruiting for 10 player raids, details are on our website www.the-aftermath.net

congrats to Aimrite who took the big pot in the end.

was a good day and fun had by all. Thanks to hotdogs, meat, oxad and everyone else who made it happen.
New event starting soon!

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