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Blackrock Depths is one of the grandest and wistfully remembered dungeons of all time. Do you have any favorite places, bosses, or special memories from BRD? Let us know and you might find yourself in the pages of World of Warcraft Official Magazine.

If chosen your name and text could appear in a future issue of the Official World of Warcraft Magazine.
There is nothing good about BRD
The Ring is definitely the best part of BRD! So fun and never know what you will get as the boss!
I was never able to really explore the massiveness of BRD untill the BC expansion. I only participated in one Emperor run the entire time at 60. In that run I saw my 1st epic, Ironfoe

I remember looking at it with such amazement and a friend of mine got it. One of the best things about that mace was when it proced you started talking in Dwarvish.

I got a chance to fully explore BRD in the Burning Crusade expanion when I decided I would sell the Large brilliant shards from the items I disenchanted there. At 70 solo BRD was still a challenge for a lot of reasons. 2 months later I knew that place like the back of my hand and still do to this day. It was a very inefficient way to grind for an epic flying mount but I think I had one of the more interesting plans:)
I PUGed BRD many many times when I was that level and we only actually went through and completed it one time, most of the time people would get halfway through it and drop group
My favorite place in BRD, has got to be the pub.

I remember way back about 4-5 years ago, when about 10-15 of us left another game to play World of Warcraft were high enough level to try this instance. I was a warlock at the time, and we were all still really new to the game, though we were not too new however and understood the basics.

Anyways, when we got into the bar and say all the patrons of the bar (dwarfs and gnomes and humans and maybe a night elf... who can remember after all we consumed there >.>) dancing, we were all dumbfounded and what was going on.

We walked in slowly and took a look around, jumping on each obstacle we found, and talking to everyone we could, especially that sexy succubus waitress who gave me a quest for a love potion, which I have never ever completed in my WoW life. Eventually we realized we were stuck, and could not find a way past the door. (who knew it was as easy as getting a dwarf drunk... pun intended)

So I decided to wand a dwarf on the 2nd floor of the pub, hoping it might trigger an event. All the sudden every one of those arguing and dancing patrons turned hostile and attacked us, whipping us instantly.

After a long run back, we walked back to the bar and tried killing everyone in there. Slowly, after many deaths and running back, we cleared the whole bar. And to our dismay... nothing happened.

Besides the "real" animations the pub had and the laughs we all shared... we were heart broken to never gotten past that point. And Until the Burning Crusade expansion, I never ever went back there.
I run through BRD on every new toon I make. It helps me learn my class and satisfies my thirst for a dungeon crawl!

My fondest memory would have to be seeing the 7 dwarves for the first time. It wasn't a happily ever after fairy tail :(
While running for Molten Core attunement (and hopefully my first full run at the time), I finally got to view the Molten Bridge from a distance right after Ambassador Flamelash. At the time, it was pretty stunning and got my blood pumping.
Once long ago:
Saturday, around Noon: I log in, see a group of friends just started BRD, chat with them a bit, get off WoW to go do other things.
Same day, around 7 PM: I log in again, friends are still in BRD. It is the SAME RUN, they had one 30 minute food break and were now on the emperor.
And this was done willingly, there were no achievements or dailies yet.

But my favorite was when a friend and I perfected the art of MC attunement runs, slimming it down to a two person run. Or a BRDynamic Duo if you will.
I remember doing BRD several years back while at my uncle's house after school (I played WoW there because his computer was leaps and bounds ahead of the one I had at home). I actually remember spending so much time there that I didn't realize my student bus pass would expire soon so I had to log off and rush home. When I got home about 30 minutes later, I realized I didn't drop group and to my surprise, the group was still going! In the end we continued until we finally got the cleared the whole place.
Here is my special memory:

Seeing it for the first time and going "HOLY crap, we are infiltrating an entire CITY?"

Its the best dungeon you've ever designed. I pray that whomever created it is working hard on Titan.

print it.
While incredibly dated, the one thing I fondly remember is from one of my first raiding experiences ever. WoW was my very first MMO-RPG, and as I leveled, I missed out on a lot of the grander instances, simply because I was deterred from making that initial effort. I leveled primarily by grinding and questing and as a result, missed out on a lot of the Blackrock Mountain extravaganza.

So when I inadvertently, and quite by accident, ended up in a raiding guild, I was finally given the chance to explore these dungeons. One of my fonder memories are of the ragtag groups we would send into BRD to farm Fire Resist for our initial push at Ragnaros. We would later return, organizing groups to get our newer raiders ready for Vaelastrasz. But some of the most fun came from these middle of the night forays into this massive city, often with a group of rogues and druids able to stealth around, to quickly make our way to the bosses that had Fire Resist gear to offer.

I think it was in BRD that I really began to appreciate the potential scale of this game, and while that has been in some degree fleshed out over the years, I still remember the jarring impression of BRD the best. Maybe it was due to the novelty of the experience, but that was one instance where I always perceived the feeling that my character was actually partaking in a story grander than the played out experience of a video game.
the lyceeum was a dream-crusher for unexpecting pugs. and the Highway...there was always roadkill.
One time a while ago in mid-late Vanilla I was doing BRD with a rogue and priest from my guild. The rogue was a real life friend who got me into the game and the priest was a nice guy who was known for having many many alts who were all decently geared. After downing Ambassador Flamelash the Circle of Flame dropped! I was trying to be nice and since he was helping us I passed on the helm to priest. He asked if I was sure and I said no problem. My rogue friend asked me why I did that, that the helm was super rare and neither of us really needed it but I wasn't worried at the time. As it turns out the priest stopped playing shortly after TBC appeared and I never saw the helm again. But between the horrible prison escort and the bar scene and wondering where the road goes I still have fond memories of BRD.
Blackrock Depths is one of those instances that really shows just how much WoW has evolved over the years. The instance's length alone is a testament to that, taking hours to complete in an appropriately leveled group when many players were accustomed to half-hour randoms in Northrend. This cuts both ways, of course; the length of the instance really lets you get into the dungeon, really feel like you're undertaking this epic journey into the heart of the Dark Iron threat and destroying it... but it also means that the instance is so segregated by level that a group appropriate to the beginning of the instance should have no business in the later half, while a group prepared to tackle the Emperor himself won't get much out of clearing the earlier parts.

In practice, though, a good group can clear the entire instance at lower than intended level due to the layers of nerfs Vanilla dugeons all suffer. I, myself, successfully (and wipelessly) cleared the instance in a 3-man group of a protection paladin, restoration shaman, and rogue just last week after the other two dps bailed shortly after killing the boss for the random loot bag. It took a long time due to the lack of dps, and my paladin could hardly hit the last few bosses due to the level disparities between herself and them, but we cleared the instance from beginning to end. It was at once an epic feeling of accomplishment (I even got my BRD run achievement for it!), and a feeling of sadness that an instance that once kicked my butt so hard so many times should be beatable in such a manner. It's understandable, of course: BRD is no longer endgame content, but a learning ground for newbies. It makes sense that the instance should be so much easier now, even if it makes the place into a cakewalk for experienced players. The Manufactory is a good example of this: I didn't even bother to count the number of times I failed to /s "Don't pull the boss yet, he aggros the whole room!" before it happened, resulting in a wipe about as often as not, and while I always felt a little special for knowing tidbits like that when the rest of the party didn't, I'm not losing any sleep over seeing the mechanic go.

What truly makes me sad about Blackrock Depth in the current game is not that it's become too easy or that it's too long for modern players' attention spans, but the way in which LFD splits the dungeon up. As it currently stands, there are two destinations for groups entering BRD through the LFD system. The later is Emperor Thaurissan, which makes perfect sense, as he is the final boss of the instance. But the earlier is the very first boss of the instance! What sense is there in that? Because Thaurissan can be reached without needing to set foot in about half of the instance, having the first boss be the target of the earlier LFD groups makes a large part of the instance almost completely irrelevant. Before anything else, this is what I would like to see change about BRD.
Okay, so our realm decides to do our very first Molten Core ever. How do we get there? Gotta pile 40 people into BRD and fight our way to the portal!

So there's 40 people in BRD, arguing over who has the key, which path we need to follow to get to the end, etc. It's just this giant, ongoing endless fight with every trash mob in (or even slightly near) the route we'd decided on.

We get to the 7, and just roll on over them, and push on to the MC portal. Except our MT stays behind. "Come on, why are you waiting?"
"Hey, get the ML back here, they dropped an upgrade for me."


Then of course we eventually wiped out in MC without a soulstone up, and got to the BRD zone line.... and zoned back into BRD. With respawns.

We called the run.
Wistful is one way to put it. Painful is another - anyone remember trying to pug Jailbreak groups?

I mostly avoided that place.
Jailbreak was part of the most epic quest chain ever! Breaking out Marshall Windsor from the Depths was one of the highlights of Blackrock Depths and the Onyxia Attunement chain!
The one reason I used to farm that place was for that coveted trinket. You know the one that had a chance on proc to get a extra swing. I used to run that place over and over again with no luck :(

But the one thing that I remember people doing most was rushing through that place. We would reach the little room with the cannons in it above the giant gate. We would realize we forgot to throw the switch to open the room. So what do people do??? They jump out the window and skip it.... That used to tick me off lol. Funny that this post is here today, I was just in BRD yesterday and noticed they fixed it so you cant jump out the windows anymore. YAY!! lol

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