[H] Perfect Crime Recruiting!!!!

Perfect Crime is currently looking for two or three skilled players for its A raid group. Currently 9/12 on 10 man, and looking good on cho'gall. We raid on Mon, Wed, Thursday...but we have three raid groups, all of whom want raiders. Raid times are between 6 and 9pm Server time.

Currently recruiting:
1 Tank Main Slot
1 Healer Main Slot(shaman/paladin perfered)
1 Backup raider

Only looking for skilled players or people looking to learn quickly. We require an item level of 340 to begin raiding, and we expect players to be gemed and enchanted appropriately for their raid role. Also a thick skin and adult mentality is a must. Thank you.

Please contact Choggar, Totemhoof, or Luciora for more information. Thank you.
Bump for the late night crew.


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