Best Hunter Race?

Thinking about Race Changing my Hunter, hes currently a Tauren. so i was just wondering
Horde: Orc
Ally: Worgen
03/29/2011 3:42 PMPosted by Sennis
Thinking about Race Changing my Hunter, hes currently a Tauren. so i was just wondering

Hunters love Crit.

Worgen have +1 Crit.

Tbh, thats a pretty decent amount at 85 from what I've heard.

Honestly though, play what you enjoy. If you like orcs, tauren, undead, goblin or any other race (except gnomes) that can be hunters, then there isn't a problem.

Statistically though, I'd say Worgen. Orc if you intend on staying Horde. Though a goblin hunter can back-to-back disengage if using the rocket boost launch properly... *muses*
Once you go troll, you never reroll.
I feel the heal from Dreanei is the best for pvp on alliance.
Go gnome or go home.
closest thing to a gnome
No love for the dwarf?
As for me, I like the Dwarf, + to crit with guns, but look at each race, all have advantages, my wife likes night elves for the hide in shadows and my friend like his Troll hunter for it's racial bonus
Pick Goblin, hide behind Taurens.

Rocket Boots + Disengage = :)
Horde: Blood elf, for Arcane Torrent racial (free +15 focus, not to mention a silence for those pesky close range combat casters such as enh shaman), and the racial Dashing Good Looks. (hidden passive racial-increases your attractiveness immensely)

Alliance: Night elf, for Shadowmeld (you'll be a rogue hunter! Best with a cat pet for stealth, great for defending and ambushing), quickness (might save you against rogues and fury warriors), and Improved Death, which gives you a 75% speed increase while dead, as well as giving you the greatest death animation ever (for male).

Real men roll elves! /flex
Horde - Ork, Troll (with bow) , goblin, because of racials. Blood Elf is ok +15 focus and silence for their arcane torrent.

Alliance - Worgen, Dwarf (with Gun), Night Elf, because of racials. Human is good for pvp from the "Every man for himself".

but if your going for looks, chose what ever you think looks best.
In my humble advice? Stick with one you *like*. A little racial perk won't make up for making you want to gouge your eyes out.
Horde: orc
Alliance: pvp go nelf or human, pve go worgen

as a nelf you can shadow meld into a cammo, which will save your ass plenty in pvp;P

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