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I have several macros that cast a variety of spells on my focus target, but the problem is setting up focus. Is there a specific macro that everyone uses to set a focus target using mouse-over or something? Having to click on the player's icon and hit "set focus" is just not realistic for a fast-paced setting such as arena. Thanks for the help.
If you use gladius, right clicking their nameplate will do it. Other wise, there are macros for it, I just don't know them.
Yeah i do use gladius. Just right click you say? alright thanks for the help.
I use this;
/focus [target=mouseover]

You can also right click on Gladius.
you can set up a bind for "set focus", you also can set up a "click" action with gladius; ie right click on the person's bar and it will set the foucs

I have it bound to my sheep spell.

Sheep my target+ set focus.

If I swap focus I just hit the bind but make sure I don't actually sheep said target if I don't want to.

Then I have my df/cs/sheep focus binds ofc.
Thanks everybody I definitely received the info I was looking for. I'm assuming it's important to have binds to target individual enemy players?
Having binds on individual players I have found is truly beneficial for certain cc spells. I would have to say that it is a requirement for poly, using the macro format:

/cast [target=Arena1] Polymorph
/cast [target=Arena2] Polymorph
...and so on and so forth

I could make the argument that doing something similar would be handy with deep freeze and potentially useful for counterspell also...but it really isn't necessary (not saying that having a modifier such that those two spells can also hit your focus isn't essential).

After making the macros, the real issue is finding keybinds that make sense to you. I personally use F1, F2 (and so on and so forth) for the example above.

Also if you are also running the blizz ui, you can right click on an enemy arena raid frame to set that person as your focus.

Note: syntax for the macro may be slightly off; been a little while since I messed with this macro =/
Yeah, arena frame target macros work well, you can use Gladius or binds.. it's all preference though.

Example I use the mouseover focus macro;
/focus [target=mouseover]

And have this macro set to one of my mouse buttons;

/cast [modifier:alt, target=focus] strangulate
/cast [nomodifier:alt] strangulate

So it will Strangulate my target unless I hold Alt, then it will cast it on my focus. Do what is easiest for you to reach, or remember.

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