Looking to form a new 10-man

Since Entity broke up I have been looking for some experienced consistent raiders to raid with and decided to use my guild for my alts to hopefully try a start something up. I know raid progression on this server is not the greatest but there are still quality players around. I am hoping to form a 10 man for now and see if it does expand to 25, but I am not expecting that judging by how hard it is for other guilds to find players.

Since most raiding guilds raid at late night, I am looking to raid around 5:00 - 8:00 PM have also been thinking of 7:00-10:00 Server time on Wed Thur Fri, but could change depending on if people are interested in forming this.

So if you interested in trying this out or have an alt you want to raid with at earlier times please let me know and hopefully this will get started. If not well this will still be my alt guild lol.

I will be on this character or my alt Dragnai if you want to PM me in game.

I have sparked some interest so far and hopefully we can get more of you.

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