Holy Priest Healbot Setup

Just wondering how people who use healbot have their Holy Priest spells set up? Like what spells with which modifer/button.
I personally find click-to-heal addons lame. I use Healbot with @mouseover macros (same way you'd use Grid or Vuhdo). Only reason I don't use Grid of Vuhdo is because I like the shape of Healbot and how it comes up with little icons for hots/shields and debuffs, and colours the entire frame for dispellable debuffs.

Also having @mouseover macros allows you a lot more room for spells. 1-5 are my main spells, F for shielding, etc., with shift modifiers for letters (such as shift-f) and my 1-5 keys.
I'm glad you do Jinzer, and I'm sure we all appreciate your uberness. However, that's not what the OP asked.

But I would like to ask a question of you - if you can't answer the question, why do you feel we would be interested in your epreening?

What a douche.
I use Vuhdo, but the click to heal thing is the same. Heal is left click, middle is Renew, right is CoH, mouse 4 (thumb) is PWS. Shift left is binding, shift middle is PoH, shift right is PoM, shift mouse 4 is Dispel. Ctl left is Gheal, ctl right is Guardian Spirit. Alt left is flash heal, alt right is Cure Disease, alt middle is Life grip. Been using that since I started using healing addons (very end of BC/beginning of Wrath) except flash heal used to be where heal is currently.

Best thing to do is find out which buttons you use the most, or which are easiest to remember or shift your fingers to, and assign your heals to those. All about getting yourself comfortable with your binds as soon as you decide what goes where =)


I'm not sure how or why you would think having mouseovers would allow you more room for spells. Having most of your heals bound to mouseclicks allows you to set numbers and comfortable-to-reach letters with other spells.

Go ahead and be different, but knocking a totally viable way of healing is pretty stupid.
for me its

left click:heal
right click:GH
middle: POH
shift-left: PoM
shift-right: renew
button 4: PWS
button 5 : FH
button 5-shift: leap of faith
ctrl-left:dispel disease
ctrl-right: dispel magic
ctrl-button 4 : guardian spirit
shift button 4 : CoH

for disc I switch heal with GH (left mouse) and GH with penance (right mouse)
these are my settings:
Left: flash heal
Middle: renew
Right: greater heal
button 4: desperate prayer
button 5: binding heal

shift left: power word shield
shift middle: prayer healing
shift right: heal
shift button 4: chakra
shift button 5: prayer of mending

control left: dispel magic/poison
control middle: circle of healing
control right: dispel disease
control button 5: guardian spirit

alt right: holy word serenity
alt left: holy nova
alt button 5: leap of faith
Left Click : Flash Heal
Shift Left Click : Prayer of Mending
Ctrl Left Click : Prayer of Healing
Alt Left Click : Cure Disease
Shift-Alt Left Click : Greater Heal

Mid Click : Renew
Shift Mid Click : HW Serenity
Ctrl Mid Click : Binding Heal
Alt Mid Click : Guardian Spirit
Shift-Alt Mid Click : Leap of Faith

Right Click : Heal
Shift Right Click : PW Shield
Ctrl Right Click : Circle of Healing
Alt Right Click : Dispel Magic

Button 4 : PW Fortitude
Shift Button 4 : Shadow Protection
Ctrl Button 4 : Inner Will
Alt Button 4 : Inner Fire

Shift Button 5 : Levitate

1 : Chakra
2: HW Sanctuary/Chastise/Serenity
3 : Desperate Prayer
Alt 3 : Lightwell
I used healbot for a very long time, but after getting a Raza Naga mouse I had to switch to Vuhdo to be able to keybind the side buttons without making a bunch of macro's that I didnt have space for ^.^

left click = heal
right click = renew
middle click = CoH

~shift mod~
left click = flash heal
right click = greater heal
middle click = Prayer of Healing

~Ctrl mod~
left click = Binding heal
right click = <emtpy>
middle click = Prayer of Mending

~Alt Mod~
left click = Dispel Magic
right click = <emtpy>
middle click = The other dispel that I forgot the name of

~Raza Naga (mouse side buttons)~
note that <empty> binds are not bound on vuhdo but do actually have spells on them :P
1 - 2= <emtpy>
3 = Guardian Spirit
4 = Shield
5 = Chakra spell
6 = Levitate
7 - 12 = <emtpy>

** everything else is bound to Q,E,R,T,F,G,Z,V,`,1-5
No Modifier - Heal (left), Renew (middle), PW: shield (right)
Shift - PoM (left), Power Word: Chastise (middle), greater heal (right)
Control - Dispel magic (left), Flash heal (middle), Guardian Spirit (right)
Alt - Cure Disease (left), Leap of Faith (middle), Prayer of healing (right)
1 key for Chakra, 2 key for CoH, R for trinket.
There you go?
Yeah I heal through mouseover macros and there is really no difference between that and binding spells to mouseclicks provided you know what you're doing.
I just find I have a better memory for keys, though I do make use of clickbinds too, just not as much.
Also, <3 Vuhdo.
I dont know how people can use all this stuff lol

I have a 2 button mouse and healium, need one click and has everything I need.

I would like healbot but I'd need a mouse upgrade.. ctrl/shift/alt left/right click combos is something i never want to touch.

If you want something very simple for 5-10mans.. even 25 if you reduce the addon size then I'd go healium.
40man then healium is the worst.
Single target heals:
Left MB:
regular- heal
ctrl- flash heal
shift- binding heal
ctrlshift- greather heal
alt- target
EDIT: I only use alt when I want to actually target a raid member out of combat and saves me the trouble of looking for them and clicking thier actualy character. My pinky cant really reach alt comfortably so I don't use it for any in-combat proceedings.

Instant heals:
Right MB:
regular- renew (disc pw:s)
ctrl- pw:s (disc renew)
shift- holy word (disc penance)
ctrlshift- prayer of mending

Dispels and Cooldowns:
Middle MB:
regular- dispel magic
ctrl- cure disease
shift- guardian spirit (disc pain suppression)
ctrlshift- lifegrip

Aoe heals:
regular- prayer of healing
ctrl- circle of healing
shift- holy nova
ctrlshift- levitate

And there you go, I have told alot of ppl this setup and they really liked it when they tried it. I use keybindings for cooldowns and potions.
Current holy heal set-up (laptop, two button mouse, no keypad):

Left: Heal
Right: Greater Heal

Shift Left: Renew
Shift Right: Flash Heal

Ctrl Left: PW:S (aka Body & Soul)
Ctrl Right: Dispel Magic

Alt Left: Prayer of Mending
Alt Right: Cure Disease

Ctrl+Shift Left: Holy Word: Serenity
Ctrl+Shift Right: Guardian Spirit

Ctrl+Alt Left: Leap of Faith
Ctrl+Alt Right: Binding Heal

Action bar key binds:
1: Chakra
2: Circle of Healing
3: Prayer of Healing
4: Holy Word: Sanctuary
5: Lightwell

Other abilities not bound, but clicked as required.

Works for me, hope it helps you.

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