PVP Resto Shamans: Totems

i'm curious what the totem habits are for some of you more experienced resto pvp'ers.

1. what's your logic behind totem parings?
2a. do you almost always drop all 4 totems or are you more situational?
2b. explain why you think your strategy (dropping all or situational) is more efficient/suits your style of play.
3. how in the **** do you maintain your totem key binds (i have a razer naga mouse with 12 keys on the side and it STILL seems like i don't have enough)

this is my first venture into serious shaman territory and i'm reeeeeally digging the play-style of this class. it's so much more interesting than druid (my wotlk main). i do well in bg's (my preferred leveling medium) and have a blast as a support teammate. but i get the feeling that i'm just not utilizing my totems to their full potential.

i thought i'd turn to you guys and see if i can find any holes in my logic and maybe get some advice in the process.

for now let's focus the PVP aspect of this on bg's as i'm obviously no where near ready for arenas. thanks in advance.

bump for the afternoon crowd.
Normally the four chosen I always use -at once- and never change are..

-Stoneskin Totem
-Flametongue Totem
-Tranquil Air Totem (Check name, the 30% reduced casting interuption one)
-Wrath of Air Totem

Now those are ones I will usually drop when combat occurs, however I use a few more on cooldown/when needed on separate keybinds

Such as..

-Stoneclaw Totem
-Grounding Totem
-Earth Bind Totem
-Tremor Totem

Other then that.. I normally --do not-- reapply stoneskin/wrath of air once I begin using the four listed above.

**With this in mind, I normally do not go down easily with 1 to 2 dps using the appropriate cool downs whenever necessary.
Hey I just switched to resto using the naga as well. Mostly have mouseover heals bound to naga with 10-11-12 reserved for earthbind - tremor - grounding

Right now my mouse looks like

1. Cleanse 2. HW 3. GHW
4. UW 5. RIP 6. CH
7. NS 8. HS 9.
10. EB totem 11. Tremor 12. Ground

Shift adds...
S1. Waterwalk S2. Ghost Wolf S3. War Stomp
S4. HS Totem S5. nothing S6. MS Totem
S7. S8. S9. Mana Spring
S10 Earthliving S11. Frostbrand S12. Bandaid

Didn't really bother with alt+ naga.... don't really know why

Things like Fire totems are bound to R
R - Flametongue
Shift R - Searing
Alt R Magma

Purge Q
Windshear E

Frostshock 1
LB 2

So much more but can't think clearly. So easy with so many buttons on the mouse though.. Even mousewheel...
Up - Hex
Down - Stoneclaw
Shift Down - Earthshild mouseover
Alt Down - Watershield

Totem dropping in pvp is always situational. Part of mastering the class is adapting to what you're fighting and dropping appropriate totem combos. Another difficulty with mastering your shaman is the ridiculous amount of keybindings you could essentially end up with, if you are dropping single totems. This is why they gave us the 3 Call of the Elements buttons, to reduce the amount of button pressing in battle.

The amount of mana required to drop most 4-totem combos is almost negligible, and I don't remember ever having a mana problem dropping sequences of 4 in short order, except the rare occassion in a long BG fight or lengthy arena match where I'm down to a couple thousand MP.

That all said, I typically run two totem combos in arena and BG:

1st: earthbind, searing, mana stream, wrath of air
2nd: stoneclaw, searing, mana stream, wrath of air

Yes, they are the same except for the earth totem. The reason for this is simple: when you are in a pvp situation, you're rarely standing still. I need my totems to move with me, because I am most likely covering a lot of ground while kiting or chasing a druid.

Stoneclaw is an essential utility. Glyphed, and on a 20 second CD, you should be dropping it every time its available. Something many people don't know is that the shield you get from Stoneclaw persists even after the totem is recalled or replaced, so basically drop stoneclaw(group2), gain shield, drop earthbind(group1), repeat every 20 seconds. Your totems will "travel" with you, and you'll always be snaring enemies with a shield on you. It works well for me.

Have magma bound to its own key for when you want to flush out a stealther, also have grounding bound to its own key (or on the 3rd call of elements with other totems of your choice), to counter an obvious incoming spell.

I use searing over flametongue for extra dps because I play an aggressive healing/nuker in arena with my rogue partner. We have had relatively positive results so far.

When we eventually get 1 out of the 2 enemies down, or if we are having trouble with a strong healer, in 2v2, I'll drop Str of Earth and Windfury to buff my rogue.

Also, if there' a particularly strong mage, I might use Elemental Resistance totem to lessen the damage.

I hope this is helpful, but like I said, playing resto in pvp is 90% adapting to the situation at hand.

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