PvP is getting boring?

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Me and my friends were discussing this last night. These days in PvP, it seems like every class / spec can do everything. Everyone can heal, everyone can GTFO, everyone can silence, everyone can do everything. Every class has access to all of the tools. This is making PvP boring.
Well its not called "ballancing" for no reason man.
I do agree it feels like classes aren't that unique anymore but pvp is by far from boring, unless you're gearing up a fresh 85. That sucks hard.
you wanna know how i pvp on my ele shaman?

run back and forth in the middle of group aoeing...pvp is hard in wow
Oh well lol....
I want a self heal (something over 5% health in 10 seconds).
PvP is still fun. I enjoy it.
When in doubt, go on a Tol Barad ganking run.
PvP is still fun, but you're definitely right. Homogenization, on the whole, has been a bad thing IMHO.
I think pvp had potential in the past, but it really is getting repetitive. The same idea of vannilla BGs are just getting maked over and put in over-and-over-and-over again. Plus, the only people who REALY enjoy it are the people that don't work as a team, but mindlessly run into large groups of enemy players just for the sake of kills. Regardless of what the objective is they "KILLS R GOOD LOLOLOL DEEEERRRPP!!!one11" The type of person that should be playing Call Of Duty... For those who enjoy it, I'm sorry for you. In my opinion, it's ruined potential and spoiled your enjoyment. (forgive me if I sound arrogant)

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