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1) I have been running map addons, so I don't really recall what the original World Map is supposed to look like, but from references here and there it seems the case that the map should show icons for quest objectives on the world map, along with a pane containing the quest name and brief description for each equivalent numbered icon. is this correct?

2) If the original map is suppoed to have the quest display described above, mine is bugged.
(a) No icons or quest pane names/descriptions appear.
(b) checking or unchecking the Show Quest Objectives checkbox at the bottom has no effect.
(c) The map repeatedly opens at continent view instead of my current zone. Selecting the zone view in the drop-down mention will occasionally (seems random) cause the map to open at that zone the next time i open it, but usually it returns to the continent view.

I was previously using Cromulent, Mapster, Tom-Tom. The QH/Tom-Tom arrow stopped displaying for a while, then suddenly (or relogginng in) reappeared, but the map view problems began. I've uninstalled all of the above addons, but the problems persist.

Any suggestions?
It sounds as if you are having a display issue. The first step is to disable any and all addons to see if one of them might be causing the issue. The best way to do this is a full UI reset.

1. Exit the game.
2. open your WoW directory.
3. Delete the Cache folder and delete, rename or move the Interface and WTF folders.
4. Reboot your computer.
5. Test without any addons re-enabled.
I'd also recommend seeing is this happens sans any addons and after a full reset UI.

I have had this happen on my own characters from time to time. Opening the full map and closing seems to restore the icons to my minimap :)

Might try that as well.
Actually, it's the World Map missing the icons, not the Mimimap.

I uninstalled most of my Addons, then disabled the rest - no difference. I reinstalled Quest Helper and re-enabled most Addons: now it appears the problem may be zone related. Quest Objectives show up on the World Map in instances and in certain zones, but not in others.

So far this behavior has remained consistent for each zone, no matter how many times I move back and forth between zones.
Did you try the steps that Flatspriest recommended? Even if you disable your addons, they could still have corrupted any files that they interact with which can cause display errors like you're encountering.
i have been having the same problem i have done al step but still no luck
I am now having the same issue. I starting questing in Mount Hyjal. I did the first little part of the quest chain that starts at the Command board in Org. Did 7 quest or so and all of a sudden NO quest marks. This only seems to be in Mt. Hyjal so far. Vashyr seems to be going ok but I hate being under water. My depth perception sucks. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get in the right spot to loot even. I haven't uninstalled any addons. I did however delete the cache and wtf folder. I haven't had any problems till now.My friend use to have this problem and she said she had to re-install to fix.
I didn't install any updates or new programs when this happened. So why would the first bit of quest show and not the others?
Bitemeok, this thread is from 2011, you'll want to make your own to prevent confusion.

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