[A] <Rock Hard> LF Tank or Heals - ALL PINOY

Rock Hard is an all Filipino Guild Looking for a Tank (preferably DK) or Healer (preferably shaman or Pally) for our 10man team.

We are a casual guild raiding once a week on Sundays 11pm-2am server time (9pm-12mn Philippine time). We are currently 8/12 on current normal Cataclysm content.

Since most members are busy with real life commitments during the week, we expect very good attendance on our once a week raid time.

Other Filipino casual members are also welcome!

Feel free to contact Krater, Jailbaitz, Buraot or Lycca in game if you have any questions.

Rock Hard!
how about change faction and merge with us?

o pwede din re roll
Kung feel mong isa kang GWAPING, check this out! http://gwapings.wowstead.com
wala ba pinoy guild horde side?
Horde on Hyjal Server. may nakita kong Alliance sa same server

pero mains ko Emerald Dream Alliance. :)

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