Same Faction Rated Battlegrounds Testing

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Blizz doesn't care about lore anymore as far as this game is concerned. WoW reached its apex sometime ago, it is in decline regardless of any changes that are made, and Blizz knows that. Their intent know is to try and string it out as long as possible to keep subs active until their next MMO is released. If this change buys some more time for WoW to stay alive, they will do it.
Simply put, this is bull$&*^ and you can keep it.
Let's me be clear up front. This post was posted yesterday afternoon and is 100% serious. This is a functionality that we'd like to test on the PTR. Please note the very important word "test". We do not have a specific time frame of when we would implement this. But, we do want to get player participation in trying it out.

At this point in time, this is only for Rated Battlegrounds. We have not planned for this to be implemented for normal Battlegrounds at this point in time.

Yes, you will still earn HKs.

I strongly suggest that if you are taking part in this thread that you post constructively. Posting harassing or defamatory language toward each other is not appropriate. Posting harassing or defamatory language toward Blizzard employees is likewise not appropriate. Trolling likewise is not appropriate.

AKA.. in a nutshell.. blizzard found out that when they promote people going horde... horde has less to fight so ques take longer for horde teams while alliance are generally fast lol...

look at blizzcon footage full of developers showing who they preffered...
As long as this doesn't go live for the none rated bgs the last thing i want to see is Blizz folding to the mass QQ from all the failed Alliance players that went horde and now cry and cry about a problem they are responsible for.
If this goes to non rated eventually there will no longer be a reason to play alliance at all.
I understand that it would make sense in rate bg's to allow a more accurate ladder and rating system.

It's just too bad that this will probably end up migrating to regular BG's. I personally think that it will take away from the lore and warcraft experience. Hopefully if implemented, participation will be optional, but I don't really see that happening.

As Neth said it is just a test, so lets see what happens.


I'll keep running my rated groups for a couple of weeks, maybe quit for a month or two if alliance pvp on my server dies, then come back and see if the change is reverted.
Lorewise you could simply write-in the alliance faction starting horde-side, or horde-side faction starting alliance side as:

1) Under enchantment by the same faction involved in Old Hillsbrad
2) Renegade faction members.

There we go, lore issues handled, back to efficient pvp queuing.
Just allow both rated and non rated BGs to have this. Really no point making horde wait in hour long ques when there is such an ez fix to eliminate the problem.

We should have mixed queues where alliance and horde can fight other alliance and horde, it would solve every problem and it would really be random.
As long as this doesn't go live for the none rated bgs

I'd put the chance of this eventually filtering down to the regular BG's at somewhere around 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% once the precedent gets set. In all likelihood Horde queues are going to go up even higher if this goes live as people figure it out. It won't happen all at once for sure but eventually they'll creep higher as people figure that once they're done they don't have to worry about it anymore.

But then we'll see the thread-a-day posts about how hard it is to gear for rated's.
Blizz playing favorites with horde again..typical
All the PVP players will faction change to horde and there will only be Horde vs Horde BG's lol!

Blizz can rewrite the lore. Horde are barbaric and fight each other all day and Alliance are greedy so they loot treasures from dungeons .
Well i've been waiting for this for awhile! I though Rated BG's would already be same faction when i 1st herd of it but then when cata came out i was dissapointed. Also i know alot of the older players would had loved to seen the Azshara BG released or even a upgrade to Cata version would be nice.
happy. happy. happy
If I /yell something in same-faction BGs, will they hear me and understand?
04/01/2011 12:03 PMPosted by Dalko
Alliance Vs Horde is part of the very fabric of WOW that should not be messed with.

I play WoW so that I can do battlegrounds. I do battlegrounds so that I can kill Horde.

Warcraft has been my favourite franchise for over twelve years (I fell instantly in love with the story the first time I played Tides of Darkness). While I have always favoured the "good old days" when Alliance were the good guys and Horde were the bad guys, I have adapted that mentality somewhat to suit the newer storylines.

While I think I could possibly put up with same-faction rated battlegrounds (this is a very big maybe), if this change extends to regular battlegrounds I will be unable to continue enjoying this wonderfully crafted and engaging story. I understand that many of the people posting here are in favour of this change, but know that there are those of us who play primarily to fight the enemy faction.

I'm here to play Warcraft, not Wargamescraft.

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