Same Faction Rated Battlegrounds Testing

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Terrible idea but I know the train has already left the station, so whatever.

Red vs Blue. Awesome.

EDIT: Let me know when you merge the LFD queue since the two factions don't mean anything anymore at least we'll have faster queues.
You know, if they end up doing this for regular BG's (which they will) and the majority of all PvP'ers end up going Horde, there's a good likelihood that Alliance queues will go up from a lack of players actually queuing? This could even further exacerbate the population imbalance. And then what? Since Blizzard tends to not entertain any of the Alliance's issues, it's just tough luck then?

Honestly, if this is the route they're going, just bite the freaking bullet and make it H&A vs. H&A and be done with it. It's not like faction is going to mean anything anymore once same faction BG's go through.
So I can finally kill some of the more unfabulous horde members? sweet :D
I resub after two years of trashing wow because of lolwotlk so i can play rated BGs and you announce this? %!%@ you, blizzard. seriously.

Old school Grand Marshal for life. for the mother %!%@ing alliance.

speaking of which, you might as well take away the ranks as they are now once you put this in. you had a fantastic idea that drew me of all people that could not believe it, back into wow. horde vs alliance. war. ranks come back as a showing that you have been vtriumphant against your enemy faction.

I get here, i grind a month and half, get my vicious set, then i see this.
i'm not even suprised, either. effectively everything that i loved about this game is completely gone now. if its not gone, its been bastardized.

if i read this yesterday, i wouldn't have even logged in to reactivate my sub that expired in the morning. too bad its not just an idea, its something you tool already decided to push out for testing. its not a matter of how stupid the idea is, its just about the queue times.

take a hint from mythic. give XP and honor buffs to servers with a 4 to 1 horde ally ratio in the underdog's favor. RP, pvp, normal servers, etc. for the casual gamer, that crap is enticing. anything that lets them stay lazy is what they want.

As if rated BGs were not bed enough already. This will just make them entirely pointless. I enjoy battlegrounds to kill horde. I fight to defend the alliance. This makes battlegrounds even more stupid than arenas actually and I intend to not participate in them if this goes live.
This makes no sense, don't treat Battlegrounds like you do the group duels. Horde V Horde arena makes sense, battlegrounds do not. War ranks reward for killing members of your own faction? really?
As a part of our ongoing development and testing for World of Warcraft, we are introducing same faction Rated Battlegrounds on the PTR. Teams will be able to queue up and face opponents of either faction in head-to-head competition to truly gauge who deserves to be top of the heap.

This new functionality of the Rated Battleground matchmaking system is still a work in progress, so we’ll need your help. If you’re interested in helping test same faction Rated Battleground queuing and play with (or go head-to-head with) Blizzard employees, just keep an eye on the PTR forum for times and details:

So what will the point of playing Alliance be? The rapid queue times were the only real benefit when you consider how bad Ally does in unrated/random BG's.

I am sure this is just a precursor to same faction unrated/random BG's which is probably the only option left since Horde dominate PVP so completely. Still, instant queues were really the last real benefit of being Alliance. Take that away and what reason would anyone have for playing the inferior PVP faction? How do you attract PVP interested players to Ally if the one real benefit for doing so goes away?
I enjoy the fact that most of the people complaining about this proposed change don't even participate in Rated BG's.
This would actually make it worth trying to get groups again in my guild. That was not a fun night of 0 MMR vs 1500+MMR
Not cool.
1v1 arena next :D
I will become a Warlord by killing many horde!



Battlegrounds are about the war between the Horde and the Alliance.

I'm not serious enough about PvP to get into rated BGs or Arena for that matter, but even though I won't even have to "honorably" kill my fellow Horde, it upsets me that others will.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks it's stupid.


Yay, queue times.
At this point in time, this is only for Rated Battlegrounds. We have not planned for this to be implemented for normal Battlegrounds at this point in time.

Neth, if you're still reading this thread, if you do plan on implementing this for normal Battlegrounds in the future, I would strongly suggest that you allow mixed faction teams (e.g., having the ability for gnomes to fight on the same team as orcs). This would be a huge win for queue times AND eliminate any cross-faction advantages AND eliminate potential map discrepancies (e.g., I don't mind heading north as an Alliance in AV).

That would be parity to the extreme and would be a HUGE win for all PvPers.
Now, while I wouldn't like this at all for regular BGs, I think it's a good idea for rateds. Should make it easier for teams to match against teams closer to their rating. It's a good idea for the same idea that arenas look bad as just HvA.

Also, I REALLY want horde to have to deal with Warstomp and that stupid goblin rocket jump on flag maps.
04/02/2011 09:03 PMPosted by Rislyn
You know, if they end up doing this for regular BG's (which they will) and the majority of all PvP'ers end up going Horde

Not all servers are completely horde dominated. Yes, yours may be, and there are plenty of others that are, but there are also lots of servers where alliance dominate. All of WoW is not like your server.

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