Same Faction Rated Battlegrounds Testing

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Hmm... Alliance v Alliance in Arathi Basin. Does the "Red Team" produce forsaken decorative npcs at the places they cap? :P
If you have a problem understanding this from a lore perspective, how about looking it as two competing military groups within the Horde or Alliance participating in games of war, to see who is better able to fight the opposite faction during actual wartime.
Here's hoping that they didn't make an April fool's post before April.
Very disappointed you would even consider this. PvP should always be Horde vs Alliance, Arena was bad enough, but in the BG setting it just doesn't make any sense at all.
It kind of takes the whole meaning out of it though.

I understand the idea from a gameplay perspective but it makes little or no sense outside of that.

Will the two opposing teams be able to communicate with each other?

sorta how I feel.

Imo it's fine in the context of rated bgs but if it is implemented for normal bgs it will kill the whole conflict aspect of this game, which, I guess, is already pretty dead anyways.

You can think of it as putting down rebels and traitors. PvE folks get to do it all the time, but a BG PvPer only gets to slaughter hated foe, not former friend.
03/31/2011 04:30 PMPosted by Bartholamew
This is really need for the horde our que times can be 20 min+ sometimes and that is a long time when you can't do anything but duel or farm.
It is the Horde's fault their queue is long. Saying it is not is like saying long DPS queues aren't DPS players' fault. Both groups of people have the means to change their situation and shorten their queue. I find something else to do while waiting in queue, while you just go whine to Blizzard until they finally make it better. What a bunch of losers you guys are.

If this succeeds any chance of also introducing it in normal non-rated battlegrounds?
I really hope not. What would be the point of having two factions at that point? Any remaining faction rivalry would vanish. Hopefully their reasoning is that you can battle same-factions team in arena so they want that for both types of "top-end" PvP. Hopefully they'll leave it at that.

Lol how is it our fault there are long ques? Is it because you all suck at pvp so you dont que im sorry we kicked your little butts and now you don't want to pvp rofl.
03/31/2011 03:30 PMPosted by Nethaera
Teams will be able to queue up and face opponents of either faction in head-to-head competition to truly gauge who deserves to be top of the heap.

I actually doubt this has much to do with queue times and more to do with rating being more accurate.
LOL good job Blizzard on listening to the horde when they have long queues but doing nothing about alliance losing all the time. Guess it's time to xfer to horde!
Gr8 change, about time
Should do it for normal BGs aswell if you are doing it for rated. The lore went out the window with faction transfers anyway.

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