Same Faction Rated Battlegrounds Testing

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If arena can be horde vs horde and alliance vs alliance, rated bgs should too.
This will not fix the main problem with BG queues. THERE BROKE. Queueing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over is fun in theory but in practice i am getting bored.

Many BG groups I been in and wanted to kill my own team and couldn't here my chance cant wait. Sure do hope it goes to Unrated too.

Same Faction Rated Bgs !! are an awesome idea.
Really, that's the dumbest idea I've ever heard.

I know that there are like, a lot of people agreeing with it, but they surely don't know 1/3 of WoW lore and probably don't care about it.

We don't need Faction x That Same Faction battles to fix the queues, you guys probably can find another way to do it.

Some people have suggested chaging the character appeareance, like in the Caverns of Time instance so it wouldn't kill lore....But lol, I want to be a goblin, I paid for it, and you can't force me to be an orc or something like that.

WoW queues have been like that always, why to change it now only cause some people, probably the same that asked for Heroics Dungeons Nerf, are complaining?

Please, remenber that the Warcraft lore is what brought WoW this far, do not kill it.
I've had an Idea that could fix the Rated Battleground queues, and do not kill lore at the same time.

As in bg's like Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin, the terrain surronding the two bases are essentially equal.

So, let's suppose the following happens: Horde versus Horde in warsong gulch.

You'd see your team "Horde like" and the enemy team "Alliance like", you'd be in the Horde base, and they would be in the alliance base.
The battle would follow as any normal rated bg.

But they would see themselves "Horde Like" and you "Alliance like", they would start at horde base, and you at alliance base, that's by their point of view....and the battle would follow as any normal battle.

That would work in Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin and Eye of the Storm because the terrain around the two bases are equal, so there would be no "unbalancement", you would just see yourself as horde killing alliance, and they would thenselves as Horde, killing alliance....

I mean, it would just change the way you see the scenario and the enemy, and you would never know the other team real faction.

But, that wouldn't work in Twin Peaks and Gilneas, because the terrain around the bases is different =(....

Of course it would be better should HxH and AxA bg's never happen, but if they HAVE to, that's an good solution lore-wise.

If there's any difference between the Bases in Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin, and Eye of the Storm that I haven't noticied, please screw my idea...But I think that there's not, so you can see the bg with your "eyes" and the enemy with his....

The enemy races would be converted to look like Alliance/Horde races in this way:

Goblins would look like Gnomes, vice-versa.
Blood Elves would look like Night Elves, vice versa.
Trolls would look like Draeneis, vice versa
Undeads would look like Dwarves, vice versa...
Tauren would look like Worgens, vice versa...
Orcs would look like Humans, vice versa.

Of course that some classes wouldn't match the other race avaible classes, so if there's an Orc Shamam it wouldn't turn into an Human Shaman at all, but in an Dwarf shamam.
But if the same orc is a hunter, he would turn into a human hunter, to the enemy eyes.

Of course it would take a lot of time so this can work "un-bugged"(and Twin Peaks and Gilneas would never work at all), and that's why I said it would be better HxH and AxA bg's does not exist's at all, but if there is not another solution, please, DO NOT KILL LORE!
04/24/2011 12:52 AMPosted by Raux

lol lore.

and for reals, this will drastically reduces the queue times on horde, and give alliance more options than the 1 or 2 horde teams that happen to be playing that night. will be a nice change being on the other side of the map every once and awhile for a change as well.

Really, you may do not like the game lore, but there's a lot of people that do, and you don't need to LOL at then.

If you don't care about the game lore, and just want to wildly pvp, go play League of Legends or something, cause if you had ever played the previous Warcraft games or read the books, you'd understand that it was lore that made of WoW what it is today.

But it looks like that you are only some "HEY LET'S FARM GEAR AND POINTS" guy.

Really, you may do not like the game lore, but there's a lot of people that do, and you don't need to LOL at then.

If you don't care about the game lore, and just want to wildly pvp, go play League of Legends or something, cause if you had ever played the previous Warcraft games or read the books, you'd understand that it was lore that made of WoW what it is today.

But it looks like that you are only some "HEY LET'S FARM GEAR AND POINTS" guy.

my bad, i should have said "lol you". the assumptions you make are just hilarious.

...You say my assumptions are hillarious but all you've done so far is trolling.

So blizz, will you guys do anything about the game lore or just /spit on it because of queue times?

Can we not just delete the alliance faction and be done with it? I mean that is what we all want right?
R.I.P Alliance population.
Worst idea ever.
How about fixing the queing first, then worry about that. I've canceled my account at this point, and unless it's fixed I won't be coming back. PvP is the only reason I play and while you are farting around with this new system you broke and won't fix the current system.
Friggin awesome! I didn't think anyone would listen to me or respond as quickly! I thought it was a good idea anyway. I still think that same faction bg's should keep their original horde vs alliance. By this I mean that everyone I see in a bg matches my faction, and everyone every other player sees matches their faction. Kinda just a matter of creating that visual. Hopefully that's what you have in the works. Thanks Blizz!
remove the arena Token reward from rated BG and keep the rating..

let us all do it ,,,,,,,,,hard to find a 2s partner on my server

to all of you saying this fix is nothing to worry about

well 1 faction getting fast ques = fast +++++=rating

other faction will take longer in that Battle Group

That was the reson Battle groups Are made in the first place ..or there is no point

I can see how this could work for same-faction Rated Battlegrounds.

Firstly, Make It Less Confusing:

Make it consistent in more than just the story-line. As one player said the strategies will get confusing; let alone the game calling players 'Alliance' when they're 'Horde' and vice versa. Not to mention, this is obviously only available on the PTR as a 'test' rather than as new content, because it's likely there'll be a lot of bugs involved.

Make entirely new locations for same-faction Rated BGs, that have faction neutral terrain and flag people with the Arena flag; that'll make it clear whose side you're on. New same-faction Rated BGs, when Horde vs Horde, or Alliance vs Alliance, with their own story to help tie-together the content with a theme, would allow it to have some point to those who care about the law, in addition give every player new content.

Make it fit into the wider World of Warcraft:

The answer to pleasing more players, is not to put square pegs into round holes, and it would give those who play in same-faction, Rated BGs, a unique new experience. When they come up against the other faction then, they'd get a different flavour yet again. It'd make Rated BGs more interesting over-all.

They could even create lore, to go with the neutral Battlegrounds, saying its either a civil war, or else guild/clan challenge or something of that kind, but still give Rated BG rewards like rating.

Alliance and Horde could also have different 'intra-faction' Battlegrounds, just so it's got a consistent theme. In Horde vs Horde, both sides would have a chosen theme, possibly one side with a Forsaken-styled base, the other Orc. Or numerous other combination, with different bosses, or NPCs.

Alliance vs Alliance BGs, could have other themes, which show not all is well among the Alliance, with humans versus the demi-humans (Gnome & Dwarf) or other combination.

Make New Same-Faction Rated Battlegrounds playable for War-Games:

As well, for teams that don't want to play a Rated game, they could use them for War-games, so a team of Dwarves & Gnomes could really go knee-capping the 'talls' (Humans, Night Elves or Draenei). This would also provide more interesting content, and more game-play for more players, further increasing the value of any time the developers put into these changes.

Why World of Warcraft wouldn't be as fun without Faction vs Faction:

I certainly don't think it adds to the game were they away the faction versus faction distinctions in Battlegrounds altogether. Because as some players have validly asked, if they simply do this without considering how it affects the story, it will further undermine the immersion that creates a desire to care about these distinctions at all. It'll also take away from what makes World of Warcraft different to other MMOs and FPS games out there.

What would then make PvP in the World of Warcraft, anything more than just another First Person Shooter, where you join a team to face another team, and nothing really to denote why or who you should fight? Yes, that doesn't motivate all players, but it has for some time added to the feel of the game, and for many being Horde or Alliance as more than just a cosmetic difference, therefore more fun.

Remove the distinction entirely from not just Rated Battlegrounds, but all battlegrounds including randoms, then would become a valid question: where would it stop?

Why have faction versus faction at all given most players agree that World PvP is nigh dead apart from the latest end-game zone. As for PvP worlds, unfortunately most of them have huge faction imbalances that makes game-play on them little different from PvE worlds regardless.

Worse, it might only further under-mine faction balance across many realms, and possibly region-wide, at least in PvP, especially if there's no context given that helps define why each faction is worthwhile playing.

Players would then rightly ask: Why be Horde or Alliance?

Make the Investment of Development Time Worthwhile - Make It New Content:

So why spend all that development time, fixing bugs, making something that wasn't intended to work as a same-faction Battleground work? Why, when it'd likely work more easily and with fewer bugs, if they built same-faction Rated Battlegrounds from the ground up? It'd be better then were this implemented as new content with a wider appeal than just Rated BGs.

By creating new content that gives many more players something new regardless of whether they care only for PvP queues, the story or a mix of both.

By putting story behind any changes, it ensures WoW remains a more broadly based MMO game, and avoid becoming just another FPS or Free-for-All PvP with little or no side-story to drive the content forward.

So yes, have same faction Rated BGs, but make new BGs in new places, where the battles would make sense to WoW.

<3 'Zara 0>
04/10/2011 06:18 PMPosted by Bear
I don't understand how anyone could be against this change. You can't honestly expect lore to be more important than the satisfaction of players.

You don't solve population imbalances by giving more perks to the overpopulated side.
Suppose this can be unstuck now, since it's implemented..

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