Same Faction Rated Battlegrounds Testing

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1) This will destroy the Lore of the game, or "How can I take my Cosplay seriously anymore?"
A) Lore is based upon the whim of the creator; who may, at any time, change, delete, alter, tweak, destroy, create at thier leisure. Blizzard has done this on a regular basis. But if you want a story to go with this change.
"The leaders of the Horde and the Alliance have decided that back and forth battles in several key locations in Azeroth has taken far too much a toll on thier resources. Therefore, they have decided to pit various fighting groups against each other to hone and sharpen thier battle tactics in order to bring the real battles to a close."

2) Everyone will just roll Horde, or "Can't you just play like I do?"
A) Not everyone PvPs (see #1 above for proof). Even those that do, will contiue to do so. Those who are jumping factions now, are only doing it so they can PvP faster. Which is just proof that in the end, all they care about if fighting....not WHO they fight against. If you deny this, then you are just ignorant of yourself.

3) This does nothing to fix the Que times, or "Hulk SMASH logic thinking"
A) Ques are filled on a first come, first served basis of those who meet the criteria; Level, etc. The added wait is to have sufficient numbers of players on both sides to start the initial wait. If you are lacking on one side or the other, its due to ALL of those criteria not being met, not just lack of people. This change will allow for a much wider pool of eligible people to fill those que spots and thus decreasing wait times. And the whole crux of #2, is due to these ques as they are.When those Ques are filled faster, faction size will level out. This is not an overnight fix... it will take time, but during that time, you get to PvP faster.... and in the end, thats all you really want, right?
World of Hordecraft. Why have factions at all anymore? You could just have one faction: The Horde Alliance or something like that that includes Alliance and Horde races. That seems to be what many want.

I liked the feeling of purpose with the rivalry between Alliance vs Horde ... good vs evil. I see things have been broken for a while, though. I'm still not yet used to facing other Alliance in arena. It feels strange to me.

But, I guess if the majority want just one faction ... let them have it. Then, I can decide if it continues to hold my interest or not.

I feel this expansion doesn't have a strong feeling of a nemesis anyway, so why not one faction. We're fighting because ...... who knows. lol.

( Wow, I've been the last post for a while, and this post, well, was written on a bad day and seems kind of negative. Someone please post after mine, so this isn't the last post seen .... lol:)
Oooold thread, but I have a suggestion in this.

It feels...not okay to beat on the same faction in these games, so I recommend an effect for the duration that performs a temporary visual race-change to a pool of race-class combinations of the opposite faction. It should probably only be superficial and not the same as a paid faction transfer. In Alterac Valley, same-faction most definitely does not make sense.
People crying about the "LORE RAMIFICATIONS" of this have absolutely NO imagination. It's so pathetic it almost sickens me.

Look at me - I'm an Orc of the Horde. Look away, now look again. I'm a Twilight's Hammer Cultists disguised as a Horde Soldier. Look away, now turn back around. Now I'm a freelance mercenary out of Booty Bay that took up a contract with the Silverwing Sentinels/Stormpike Guard/League of Arathor/Alliance/etc. to help protect their interests. They don't trust me because I'm an Orc, obviously, but their backs are to the wall waiting on further reinforcements from whereverthe%!!! and they had little choice in the matter. In any case, who doesn't like putting mercenaries, especially those you might not like, on the front lines to die instead of your own troops?

Hurr that makes no sense.. Yes, lets pretend that we've never had to kill a fellow human or orc or ally or horde in PVE before. That'd be complete blasphemy, right? Except IT HAPPENS. ALL. THE. TIME. Do you have a temper tantrum every time you have to fight the Defias, too? How about the former Alliance paramilitary at Kurzen's Compound, that must have really sent up some serious red flags. Give yourself a rest.

This isn't about lore, it's about players and gameplay. Newsflash - we're not all RPers, and if we were I would hope we weren't so unbelievably BAD at it. This could be a lorenerds dream if you narrow minded schmucks could pull your heads out of there and try, for even a second, to think outside of the box rather than nitpick and cry. On the other hand you could continue to sulk. Otherwise learn to color outside the damn lines for 15 minutes at a time.
Amazing idea, anything that lets us kill people is a great thing.
well this is going to be new and fun but yet a little off for us main pvper`s it will just look like the arena i just would like to see how it go`s but still thats just my oppinion
i think its better to stick to horde vs alliance because then it feels right and i get my anger out on them for annoying me half to death

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