Same Faction Rated Battlegrounds Testing

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03/31/2011 04:55 PMPosted by Legalizeit
LOL good job Blizzard on listening to the horde when they have long queues but doing nothing about alliance losing all the time.

wth are you talking about? This is in direct response to poor Alliance QQing about losing all the time. Now you'll be able to benefit from Horde expertise :) No excuses anymore! (jk)
Cool, so much for putting the WAR back into warcraft.
Bliz is on the west coast it is not april first here sorry I don't think this is a joke if it was they need to check their outlook before the post their joke on the wrong day lol.

Besides Bliz April 1 jokes are always outrageous this change has been asked for by every horde player that regularly does rated bgs so I really doubt this is a joke.

Good for gameplay, bad for game. As long as it stays within the rated BG, i guess i can live with this. RBG interest is a real problem on my server (as well as arena).

I think something needs to be done at higher ratings to discourage people from squatting at certain ratings, though. It seems like once people hit certain ratings, they stop playing, thus discouraging getting dedicated players to get more interest going for the sport.
What ever happened to faction rivalry blizz? I'm sorry horrible change imo.

Blizz can get away with things not being perfectly balanced, or unbalanced que times, bc this game was built on faction vs faction. At one time people felt some connection and Identified to their faction, They had some faction pride and a dergree of faction rivalry. If blizz wants to destroy all of that and turn this game into an all instanced arena, based game it just begs the question why not just play something that douse the same thing but better, more balanced, liked Dota, Or League of legends.
If this was really to happen, what will stop same faction win trading? GG! I don't think this is real, I'm skeptical of EVERYTHING I read until this weekend is over!

On a side note, maybe this means patch this Tuesday!!!!! Dear lords of patch creation and implementation, I beseech thee! Release path 4.1 onto thine servers already!
How about fixing the bg queue time mixup first before you even announce anything to do with battlegrounds. It's fun to requeue 5 times for one battleground.

What a terrible implementation of a somewhat terrible idea.

Currently whether it is true or not, the majority of players perceive that alliance loses more often. I don't really care if they do or not, and blizzard won't tell anyone if its true anyway. The point is that the only thing keeping people playing alliance through this perception of losing more, is the faster queues. Lots of people have jumped to horde already, and alliance queues are therefore much faster.

Now that RBG and arena both allow you to fight the same faction, more alliance players will swap to horde because the incentive to stay is nill. This leaves those who do normal bgs with an even larger disparity between populations, and the horde queue time will go through the roof.

What are you thinking?

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