Same Faction Rated Battlegrounds Testing

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YES!!! Thank you blizzard!!
Of course its under Rated BG.
Every year blizzard does a change like this either on april 1st or march 31st, so it's genuine.

Additionally, it's usually way more silly and on the main website rather than the forum.
This is not an April Fools, the announcement was not made in Europe at all (where it is actually April 1st).

This will be a great change if it also affects normal BG's. As a 4-year Horde player, queues are absolutely not my fault. 'Back in my day, Alliance heavily outnumbered the Horde on my server, and in general. Blizz is solely to blame for allowing the faction transfers and allowing this mismatch to become so one-sided to begin with. It's great they are taking the first step to fixing things. Kudos!
I have a question.

How will you deal with the possible fallout effects on live, specifically Alliance diving to a negligible number of PvP'ers? Will there be incentives added to promote Alliance based pvp?
What a terrible implementation of a somewhat terrible idea.

Currently whether it is true or not, the majority of players perceive that alliance loses more often. I don't really care if they do or not, and blizzard won't tell anyone if its true anyway. The point is that the only thing keeping people playing alliance through this perception of losing more, is the faster queues. Lots of people have jumped to horde already, and alliance queues are therefore much faster.

Now that RBG and arena both allow you to fight the same faction, more alliance players will swap to horde because the incentive to stay is nill. This leaves those who do normal bgs with an even larger disparity between populations, and the horde queue time will go through the roof.

What are you thinking?

So, all the Alliance that are terrible at PvP are faction changing to horde. I guess it's time to faction change Alliance. At least Dreanei are cool.
So, World of Hordecraft then?
Sheesh I hope this doesn't go through. The lines between factions has already blurred considerably, this would put it over the top. What happened to Alliance vs Horde?
Good idea to reduce queues, but terrible idea for the game....

It makes no sense at all for the same faction to be fighting amoungst themselves in the BGs....
Didn't Blizzard say they were going to do this a while back? So im not sure its real. Alsi it isn't April 1st.

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