Same Faction Rated Battlegrounds Testing

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Horde queue times go down

Alliance win more games

Everybody wins?
now gnomes can kick gnomes in bgs!!!
You're like 5 hours early, Neth.
What about this for normal battlegrounds? Horde queues are insane as it stands.
If this is April Fools its pretty fail on Blizz's part...I mean its not even April Fools day. And if its not a joke...damn.
R.I.P. Alliance.
What a terrible implementation of a somewhat terrible idea.

Currently whether it is true or not, the majority of players perceive that alliance loses more often. I don't really care if they do or not, and blizzard won't tell anyone if its true anyway. The point is that the only thing keeping people playing alliance through this perception of losing more, is the faster queues. Lots of people have jumped to horde already, and alliance queues are therefore much faster.

Now that RBG and arena both allow you to fight the same faction, more alliance players will swap to horde because the incentive to stay is nill. This leaves those who do normal bgs with an even larger disparity between populations, and the horde queue time will go through the roof.

What are you thinking?

So, all the Alliance that are terrible at PvP are faction changing to horde. I guess it's time to faction change Alliance. At least Dreanei are cool.

Why faction change when you'll be beating those same bads in your Horde games? All this does is encourage more and more people to faction swap to Horde (and they won't be swapping back either). And if this works so well, who's to say people's cries won't lead to regular BG's ending up a free-for-all?

The ramifications of this extends a lot further than just your RBG queue times. Look at the servers that are 10 to 1 Horde. Alliance struggles with PvE because there are not enough players to field decent raid groups. The economy is lopsided with much more resources on horde side. World PvP? Yeah, it's dead, but good luck on Alliance ever taking Tol Barad again.

If this is indeed an April Fool's Joke, it has got to be the most heartless one Blizzard ever played. If it's not, it's likely a mistake that will destroy their game.
Oh, by the way, blizz, if both sides in the BG are of the same faction, you should make it so when the players in the side of the -other- faction spawn, they'd get alliance costumes, like in old hillsbrad, so there aren't orcs comming out of the silverwing base. Make it so, par example, in WSG, if a horde group goes against annother horde group, the group who's in the alliance base are turned into night elves.
if youre worrying about the lore than you shouldnt be doing rated bgs.

why will this be any different than arenas? and whos to say civil wars dont break out within factions? look at what sylvannas is doing behind garrosh's back.

if this is an aprils fool joke ill be highly upset. this can only benefit competitive pvp

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