Same Faction Rated Battlegrounds Testing

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They should make the opposing team have a CoT: Strath style buff where it turns you into a horde / alliance etc
Idk about you guys but I cam ally to kill horde. And how would you decide which team got the horde side of the bg? This seems like a good idea, sure cause it's new. But what is the point of going ally, if you can kill your own faction.. I can understand it in arenas, since there is really no sides in it..
lol at people thinking this was april fool's.
I'm gonna tell you what this is. Blizzard's way to turn faction imbalance around. Blizzard will not admit, ever, that they have a faction balance problem, therefore, they bring this up, so that nobody has an entirely too long of a wait. Bravo Blizzard, Bravo!
this is probably and april fools joke but whats funny is they actually should do this horde que times suck and long waits = less people wanting to do them
"head to head with blizz employees" dun dun duuuuun...
in gurubashi queue time in horde side for rbgs is around 30 min, this change will help a lot.
Well, one thing is for sure. I won't queue into battlegrounds and hear things like "ALLY SUCKS" or "HORDE SUCKS". People are going to have to come up with a better excuse than that now.
But how does this make sense lore wise?
Other than completely isolating the low pop faction, completely destroying any sort of balance this is swell news.

Please God let this be an Aprils Fools Joke.
why will this be any different than arenas? and whos to say civil wars dont break out within factions? look at what sylvannas is doing behind garrosh's back.

Arena’s are more of an Olympic style event. There are factional/national "teams" but within the event people from the same nation compete against each other. Battlegrounds are about territorial squabbles. I doubt highly the Horde would be squabbling amongst each other about who owns Warsong. And even if they did you wouldn't see Orcs squabbling with other Orcs about who owned Warsong would you?

Your example of Sylvannas doesn’t make much sense because in the case of something like that it would be her internal faction vs other Horde. So unless we’re going to make all Undead teams vs all Tauren Teams…

But the lore stuff isn’t as important IMO as the two other issues:


Actually, a gripe that has more merit is why, back when alliance had the long queues three years ago, would such an option never have been remotely considered?

The big one for me. Alliance was essentially told to suck it up when the queue shoe was on the other foot for almost the entire history of this game. Except in rare cases through Vanilla and BC most servers were Alliance heavy. In my personal case on a 3 to 1 Alliance pop server the initial release of BG’s we saw queue times in excess of an hour for WSG and AB. AV queues on my server regularly exceeded 4 hours. Once they created Battlegroups the queues dropped to 25-30 mins on my BG (about what Horde deal with now) and we counted that a blessing. Requests for same faction from Alliance for most of Vanilla and BC were met with “LOL sorry that you rolled the pretty faction, re-roll dude” (and sometimes ironically "LOL LORE DUDE") from unsympathetic Horde and Blue posters who would pretty much confirm (albeit much more nicely) that your only option was to re-roll.

No paid faction transfer, no ability to make another character on the opposite faction of your same server if on a PvP server. DELETE OR SHELVE YOUR GEARED TOON, LEAVE ANY FRIENDS YOU’VE MADE BEHIND, AND RE-ROLL. Really try to appreciate what that meant in Vanilla/BC when there weren’t heirlooms, no mounts till 40, and epic land mounts cost 900g and most of the gear you wanted was in a 40 man raid instance. Horde’s been dealing (read crying) with (former) Alliance style queue times for less than 6 months and now it gets changed? It’s a straight up slap to every Alliance player that sat through hour long queues for years.

And secondly;

Welcome to World of Hordecraft

Pretty much what I see happening. Overall you’re individually more powerful as Horde from better racials. It’s also much easier to find rated teams and arena teams because of the larger PvP oriented community. Going to be little to no incentive to stay Alliance.
Just look at what happened to the Arena ladders over time. 1 high rated Alliance team for every 5 to 10 Horde. Faction allegiance isn’t enough to hold people over. They’ll go where the community is better.

They'll eventually have to extend this to non-rated BG's.

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