how to get to searing gorge?

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from stormwind
Well, you're gonna have to Goldshire, look for a Mage, tell the mage to teleport you to Exodar. Once there, swim to Kalimodor and make your way to Ratchet. Take the boat to Booty Bay and walk north past Redridge mountains till you get to Searing Gorge.
dont listen to him
You could start by going up the stairs and enter...the Mask Room. Hit the faces on the walls, and you could jump into the Pit, or run across the Troubled Bridge and enter...the Observatory, where you will find the Bent Helmet. Or you could enter the Portrait Chamber. Select a picture and put it in the frame. It may lead you downward, or into...the Warlock's Storage. Find the key and insert it in one of the pedestals that may open the door to the SHRINE...of the Silver Monkey. Assemble the statue correctly, and it might take you to the Dragon's Den. Pull on the Dragon's arms or tail, or take the bucket downward into...the Well. Next, plow through the wall and enter...the Siren's Sanctum! Find the key in one of the statues, but be careful! One of them may be under the influence of a temple guard! If one grabs you, you'll have to give up a Pendant of Life. Their key may unlock the door to the Grave of the Nameless Maiden. Find the tombstone with the Maiden's name, say it in front of her, and it could take you to the Ancient Laboratory! Activate all 3 levers there to take you back into the Pit. Then, climb through the Ledges, race down the stairs, and back to the temple gate. The choices are yours, and yours alone...
The same way you get to Carnegie Hall: PRACTICE!
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dont listen to him

Hey now, he never asked for the quickest way to get to Searing Gorge.
Elwynn Forest > Redridge Mountains > Burning Steppes > Go through Blackrock Mountain > Searing Gorge
Eh, I think you can get to Searing Gorge from the Badlands. Fly or take the tram to IF. Get to Loch Modan by flying, if you can, or running (pick up fp while you're there). Enter the Badlands and run northeast (I think) to near where the old Horde base was. There should be a pass into Searing Gorge there.

Good luck.
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Elwynn Forest > Redridge Mountains > Burning Steppes > Go through Blackrock Mountain > Searing Gorge

This works too. And since they retuned the mobs in Burning Steppes, you shouldn't get roflstomped.
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"Shrine of the Silver Monkey"

Legends of the Hidden Temple ftw!
The way I believe I took was iron forge - loch modan - searing gorge
Honestly he asked you guys a question because he would like to know and you give him these troll answers. I can honestly say that you guys are dickheads for not helping a fellow player, whether he have experience or is new to the game. People like YOU is why this game is losing so much credibility, not because its getting "Easier" or completely "Changing" the formula, its because of !@#$%^-s who would rather horde their knowledge and not share it. Im done with my rant and im sure that im gonna get trolled for this but truth be told, I am not bothered by your stupidity, but rather discerned because of the lack of respect you give other players. If you don't have anything healthy to respond with, just take your negativity, put it in a condom, and ram it up your *!@!
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Walk south into Elwynn Forest.

Walk east into Lakeshire.

Walk north into the Burning Steppes.

Walk north into Searing Gorge through the Blackrock Mountain.

EDIT: Aw... it's a necro. Q.Q
The same way you get to Carnegie Hall: PRACTICE!

No here is old enough to understand that.
Num lock. Look at map. Plan appropriate course. Kill anything in the way.

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