Is it just me? Crabby not working properly

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I dont think my crabby is working properly :(

I know crabby is just an april fools thing, but I feel like Im not getting what I should be getting from crabby (compared to ther posts)

He doesnt say some of the things he is saying to other people, and he has options you can click on but when you click on them they dont work :(

Maybe that is the way its intended, or it could be because of my windows needing to be reinstalled.

He said that 'friday' song thing to me, thank goodness he didnt bring up a link to utube to have to listen & watch it 'yay' thanks crabby.

Is it just me, is he meant to be like this? Or did I get a 'fail' crabby?

Please someone tell me if your crabby is doing more.
"From what I gather, Taintedangel posted some stuff about something interesting. But, but alas, no one cared." - Crabby
04/02/2011 06:58 AMPosted by Vaelkyri
I only get him when im logged out.

Really? ok, well mine is not that bad, I get crabby whether I am logged in or out, but only on the forums, I went to the blizzard store and he wasnt there.

Well I admit Blizz sure did go to some effort for this April fools joke, but being as it was just an April fools joke, I guess they didnt bother to Iron out the bugs - understandable.

Well thanks.

Oh and BTW, speeking of April fools jokes, I was laughing SO hard at the 4.1.11 patch updates, very will written, well done.

Cant wait until my Mirror Images cast Mirror Images, who are creating Mirror Images. When One of them casts a port to Dal, Ill jump in whil they down Deathwing :D

My crabby is gone now.

Bye crabby.........

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