BIS Warrior Trinket?

Can someone list a BIS Trinket for Fury Warriors? I can't seem to find the thread on here.
what about the heroic dungeons one? Those are harder to get atm
Read the guide?
My guess would be Fury of Angerforge, or the TB trinket.
Look at my gear and u will see whats good.
For Fury, Heart of Rage and Crushing Weight .

Crushing Weight has a massive haste proc. Pretty sure it can't be bis regardless of the the fact that it's heroic. You're probably better off using a License to Slay, Darkmoon Card: Hurricane, or Fury of Angerforge in its place.
No, it's actually second best behind heroic Heart for fury.
SMF = LtS + HoR

TG = who cares, its bad anyways.

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