[H] Profit 25 LFM -- 4/13 HM

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Why is my avatar broken bump
Bump of the Broken Avatar!!
Opened up a load of classes for recruitment. :)
^ This. Looking for competent players who have stable connections in 25 man and turn up to Sunday night raids :)
WTB Good players whose internet connection is not fail
^ Replacing Pointy bump

Bumphemian Rhapsody
Riders on the bump.
If I can turn back bump!
Bump if you like to see dead dragons. Preferably loot bearing, achievement granting ones.
Dragons who drop purples bump.
Bump right now!
Dargon bump
I'm going to bump this house tonight.
Looking for some outstanding DPS to come and push through some numbers with us.
In the evening, the real bump comes alive.
Still LF DPS!
^ this
Free bump nice guys!!!!!!

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