Mysterious Camel Figurine Not Appearing?

Bug Report
I have been unable to locate a single Mysterious Camel Figurine in Uldum, after having spent over 13 hours flying around the zone spamming this macro, "/tar myster".

At around the 8 hour mark I opened a GM ticket to ask if maybe I was in some phase where I was unable to see the figurines. He responded that this was not the case, and that they should be visible in all phases of the zone.

I figured maybe other people were just grabbing them before I could find them.

Two hours later I still had not found a single one, and I had a growing suspicion that something was wrong, so I opened another ticket, flew around for a while longer, then went to sleep.

This morning I received a response, and this time the GM said that it was a known issue.

Am I just supposed to wait until a patch/hotfix comes out before I can continue my search? I don't know which GM to trust, the first one seemed quite sure that I should be able to see the figurines.

The first GM's response is on the right in the pink.
I am having the same issue.... I have completed the quests in uldum. I have done a 4 hour grind on the place with only 4 other horde there and even less alliance. What gives?
As I understand it they have flagged the Camel Figurines as non-targetable, so flying around spamming /tar Camel will no longer find them easily. You will have to actually eyeball the various spawn locations to see if they are there.

It is a conscious change (ie they had to actually go in to that NPC and change the flag, it couldn't happen by accident), so I would expect it is intended.
I have found only one camel figurine in all my hours on multiple characters in Uldum.

NPCScan found it, marked it, and targeted it for me.

Perhaps the spawn rates are similar to rare spawn hunter pets -- hunters can go days and days without spotting a rare they're looking for. I have only once seen the rare scorpion Maddexx in Uldum (and was lucky enough to tame him), so I guess I'm not that surprised to have only once seen a figurine.
In a video I watched one guy said there was like a 12 hr respawn.
could be that others have found it before happens...unless you pay off the server to leave them alone.

...and a whole 13 hours?...omg, you poor dear!
According to popular rumor, the figurine was changed as to not allow the use of /target macros. I guess that made it far too easy to locate the little buggers when combined with addons like NPC_Scan.
Yeah it sucks but you can no longer /target it.

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