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New to Warcraft, and I'm getting confused by some of the details. According to some reading, you can get PvP armor and PvE armor. Is this true? How can I tell the difference between PvP and PvE armor while in Warcraft?

I think you can only get PvP armor from certain NPCs, like at the Hall of Champions in Stormwind, and it can only be bought with Honor Points gained in BGs. Is this true? Can I also get PvP items from dungeons, or questing - and once again, how do I know the difference between PvP drops and PvE drops?

At my level (40), it looks like I can only buy 6 or 7 items with my 144 Honor Points. Would you recommend me buying these items now, or saving up a bit more?

I want to be a good fighter on the BG! But without proper info, I'm not prepared.

Cheers! See you on the battlefield.
Armor isnt that necessary at your level, just save it up for 85. PvP armor will have Resilience on it. PvE armor has anything but Resilience.

Also, at lower level it is best to rely on your skill. Classes with high burst damage like Hunters, rogues and warriors will kill you even with best gear at your level, so you have to trust your skills on this.
To tell the difference between a PvP armor Piece and a PvE Armor peice, at lvls 70-85, comes down to one thing. The addition of the stat Resilience.

Resilience is the only stat in the game that doesn't effect NPC's and world mobs, bosses and the like.

Resilience Reduces the overall dmg "Human" (Real players) do to you.

the lower lvl pvp gear rewards, from Arathi basin and Warsong gulch have good rewards, from what I remember do not have Resilience. They are good pieces of gear to pick up tho.
Got it. I'm just getting creamed in BGs. It is sooo very frustrating, as I enjoy everything else about Warcraft.

You mentioned the Warsong Gluch drops gear rewards? At the end of my BGs, it only shows stats, and gives me my meager honor points.

Also, as a fire mage, I'm only get 50% of the DPS stats as most others in the fight. And I get no heals. I can't figure it out. Mostly I get killed in one hit, so trying new tactics is difficult.
As for you being a Frost Mage; bein a caster in a Battle Ground is more of a Croud Control [CC]. Casting your Cooldowns while the target/targets are incapacitated will allow you to gain BG overall damage. Simply casting CC-Cooldowns-DOTs [Damage over Time] should put you in top 25% of BG damagers.

As for you lack of heals, take a warlocks HealthStone in beginning and stay close to a healer. Note: there are almost never any healers in mid [Middle are of map that all nubs clash to die]
You may ask for healers to Set their Role, so they are recognizable on your roster [at left side of screen by default] Healers are always happy to heal you, especially noticing you when you CC and kill the one killing him/her.
There are dungeon drops in the contested zone of WOTLK and CATA. Baradins hold is a 10/25 man raid that drops both PVE and PVP gear. Only the faction holding Tol Barad can run BH for the next 2.5 hours.

You could buy some gear along the way. It will have more stamina on it. The WSG vendor is out near the old entrance in the zone north of the barrens ... ashenvale. AB is out in Arathi highlands. AV is in alterac mountains. As you go through 70 and 80 you can buy the old arena gear, Legacy vendors. I dont think the 60 gear is that worthwhile. I bought a couple daggers at 70 which were hard to replace in my questing through Northrend. The 80 quest greens seem better than any of the PVP gear.
my personal preference has always been getting as much health as possible, since not dieing gives me the most damage.

Anyhow, the goal should be to improve what you do untill your a high enough level to obtain pvp gear, which centers around reducing the damage you take.

Simply learn to keep out of melee range of warriors, and silence casters, if you can control the enemy you won't have to worry about dieng.
Most importantly, damage and healing done don't reflect who did the most work, just who did the most damage or healing. Standing back and Freezing everyone who comes close while your team makes quick work of the iced players really does work.
can somebody help me get them

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