April Fools! Patch 4.1.11 Preview

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With the new pet breeding tool, I can make ManBearPig!!!

"player characters can no longer jump." QQ this game is turning into FFXIV QQ

I love April 1st. Great patch notes. Please keep Crabby for the forums as a permanent feature!!!
# New Battleground brackets! To further promote fair play Battlegrounds are now bracketed for every single level. 10-10, 11-11, 12-12, … 77-77, 78-78, etc.
if only that was true

* Quantum Leap (new ability) propels the warrior through time and space, allowing the warrior to take over the identity of an unknown character in an attempt to improve their life or prevent disaster. Cooldown 5 minutes.

hmm i wonder how epic if that be if true

# Warrior’s base movement speed has been increased by 300%.

o god that be so fun
04/01/2011 09:59 AMPosted by Bashiok
Druids no longer talk to Innkeepers to set their Hearthstone. They are instead now required to talk to Stable Masters.

Oh sweet jesus. My sides. They hurt.
The duration and cooldown of Divine Shield have been changed to 15 seconds.

Divine Shield no longer causes Forbearance.

Infinite bubble? Oh noes!

Charge has been removed from the game.

Warrior’s base movement speed has been increased by 300%.

In addition to Throwdown’s knock down and stun effects, it will also inflict a horror effect.

To improve the success rate of Heroic Leap, its range has been reduced to 3 yards.

Made me lol hard.

Members of this class must now make a vow of chastity.

woah i dont think i could take that.

04/01/2011 09:59 AMPosted by Bashiok
The Shadow priest talent tree has been redesigned to give them access to most of the cooler abilities of Affliction warlocks.

that would be cool though

this gets better every year roflmao
04/01/2011 09:59 AMPosted by Bashiok
Acknowledging the continued requests of our players, an Appearance tab has been added to the game! The Appearance tab will finally, at long last, allow players to customize the look of their non-combat pets. Simply summon a non-combat pet and use the Appearance tab to change its look to that of any of the other non-combat pets you own. Summon, customize, and play!

Alright, I admit it. I laughed.

Bt srsly gys. Srsly.

Appearance tab please :D
The Worgen “sniff” sound has been replaced by Rebecca Black’s hit single, Friday. The song will play in its entirety. Every time.

yay we can be even more annoying!
I laughed many times, even though some of the laughs were seeded with deep, soul-crushing irony.

Nicely done ;)
to whom this may concern, i love you
04/01/2011 09:59 AMPosted by Bashiok
Different models have been added for male and female versions of Bear Form. The difference is subtle unless you know where to look.
Hell.... it's about time.
I lawled and well played Blizz.
>># In order to make the Cataclysm expansion appeal to all players’ sense of nostalgia, shaman, druids and paladins may now only queue as healers when using the Dungeon Finder.<<

April Fools or not, I am SOOOOOOO gonna PUNCH you for this.

When next year's April 1st rolls around, the April Fools column will begin with:

"All shamans will be treated with great respect because our April Fools forum announcer has been PUNCHED."

Upon which I will punch you again. Just because.

Best post EVER.

I nearly peed myself from the laughter!!
WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW am i over reacting but did it say no more flying in azeroth!?!?! also loving the new hunter stuff
What gets me the most is the people who say "They had me going until I read 'No flying in Azeroth." Really? The "automatically charge you for a paid character transfer" wasn't enough? Followed by the appearance tab for non-combat pets? <facepalm>

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