April Fools! Patch 4.1.11 Preview

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lol this beats the crap out of crabby
04/01/2011 12:37 PMPosted by Acceleration
Different models have been added for male and female versions of Bear Form. The difference is subtle unless you know where to look.


wait....soooo... where do i look?.... O.O
The mage changes are actually believable.
I lol'd many a time while reading this post. :)
I was pissed when I first started reading this, then I got to the General notes and started L'ing MAO. Awesome to know Blizz hears all our pissing and moaning and makes fun of it :D
Blizzard Employees will never ask you for your password.
(They're really good at guessing)
Pure comedy gold. Thanks for what has to be the all-around best blizzard 4-1 =)
they had me until

* To toughen players up for their encounters with dragons and demons, the in-game emote “/hug” has been removed from the game.
Members of this class must now make a vow of chastity.

crap D:
WHAT???? i can't believe it! wby are they removing so many things??? like why would you remove flying in azeroth? or have a female worgen be human again??? and that city thing i die enough in raids now i have to fear the citys...like...wow
This made me laugh so hard! <3 I wish the mirror image thing was true for my mage....an army of me ohhh ya!
So much win.
And hunters *STILL* can't tame druid players. These patch notes are so disappointing!

Also, hunters should just get their gear handed to them when they're kicked. It's just not fair!!!
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What? No debuff for bad Monty Python references?
I'd play that game. What's it called then?
Ooo I wanna play a worgen now. <3333
Friday, Gotta get down on Friday!
Crabby is broken. *Punches a wall*
Lol, I always look forward to WoW's april fools. Thanks for making my day Blizz.

Best patch ever. <3
Between Crabby and this, I can't play WoW today. Damn you Blizzard! Damn you for the laughs!

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