April Fools! Patch 4.1.11 Preview

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draenei = 4 vowels
draeneie = 5 vowels

25% buff, not 20%.

Please fix
This is awesome and the best part is crabby helping me out along the way. Thanks crabby you are the best. ;)
I love the heroic leap one. "Heroic Leap has been reduced to 3 yards to improve success rates" :D

"Flash Heal: “%n raises her hands skyward and calls forth a beam of bright white light that penetrates deeply into the souls of her comrades, healing their wounds and urging them forth in battle!”

-Just for the record I really want to do this today, see what people say in groups...
Also this post is epic, funniest april fools I have seen yet Blizz!

* In addition to their current spells, mage Mirror Images now can randomly cast Frost Nova, Ring of Frost, Portal: Dalaran, and Mirror Image. Mirror Images summoned by Mirror Images can also cast Mirror Image. Mirror Images summoned by Mirror Images that are summoned by Mirror Images can also cast Mirror Images. Mirror Images that are summoned by Mirror Images that are summoned by Mirror Images that are summoned by Mirror Images…

* The coefficients of all mage cast time spells have been tweaked to be 15% more jaw-dropping.

* All Frost mages now receive a complementary personal Arena rating of 2200 upon reaching level 85.

* Frost mages have been given one additional snare effect, so that they will be brought up to the level of other classes (combined).

* All mage spells that deal Fire damage now appear green.

I think this might be true. Seriously.

It's a good day to be a mage

  • Bus Shock.

WOW. Didn't ever expect to see blues dropping jokes about that, even if it has been a couple years. (I had an S2 shaman, I remember the Tseric Down debacle)
Yes! I knew druids make good transportion. What? No more worgen female model? Guess it could be worse. When they change they turn into Lady Gaga everytime they dance.

* Lightwell.

ahh... hilarious

Though I must confess that a tear dropped from my eye when I read "legendary Feral staff" :(
So awesome...

According to Crabby "This thread has been seen by 6890 people, or approximately 13780 eyeballs, give or take a cyclops," so good work Blizzard. Maybe they should actually impliment these, just for a day, or on the test servers to see what would happen.
Macaroni and Glitter Totem? Can't wait! :D
04/01/2011 09:59 AMPosted by Bashiok
Ettin’s Grip (new talent) allows the hunter to equip two ranged weapons simultaneously.

Not one, but TWWWOOO Overpowered Chicken Splitters.

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