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FYI we'll be skipping Ask the Devs this week, resuming next Monday at 4:00pm PDT with #6 "Topic to Be Determined".

Answers for #5 "Achievements" are running a bit late, but are expected to be ready and posted this Wednesday morning.

Topic #6 should be on professions.
For hunters i would like to see or if there could be any way that you can bring back volley, and exsplosive shot to the hunter i miss these 2 things and wonder if there is anyway possable that it can be brought back thank you Ridan.
Would love to see a Lore "Ask the Devs" as part of this series.

And by Lore I mean Lore in relation to Cata - like how Siamat went from Nesferet benefactor to prisoner - those kind of questions.
Q: Can we see gear won via need rolls become soulbound? - Lorinall (NA/ANZ)

A: Yes. We plan on implementing a system where winning an item via Need (when using the Dungeon Finder Need Before Greed loot system) will make a BoE item soulbound. We hope to have this working for the 4.2 patch.

To expand on that idea in case it’s not obvious, we don’t think players should be able to claim certain loot drops based on their class if their only intent is to sell the item. If you want to use the item yourself, awesome, go ahead and roll Need on it and you’ll get preference over players who can’t use that armor type. But if all you want to do is run to the Auction House, then everyone should have equal dibs.

This is just plain stupid design. People will naturally roll need on items they would only use for off-spec, and then probably even if they will barely use them. This would then bind items to them, making them impossible to auction. Why make them "BOE need" in the first place? There will be far less BOEs up for sale. This particularly harms tanks.

And it ultimately will result in a lot of unused items sitting in people's bags, rather than distritbuted through the AH.

Now, fortunately, I guess this is a non-issue for 10 and 25 man master-looted raids!
Q: Any chance we can start heading away from WWE-esque belts? - Catriona (NA/ANZ)

    A: Azeroth is stricken by a terrible plague that inflates the size of shoulders and belts over time. Our artists like the belts because they have more room for detail when they’re larger. That said, your concern is duly noted.

The problem is the "more room for detail" then interferes with, and distracts from, seeing anything else. My Night Elves have wonderfully skinny waists, but with the WWE belts, they look like they've gained a belly and 30 pounds! Night Elves are highly athletic and toned, they don't need an unattractive girdle!

It really interrupts the flow of armor too and makes the shirt/tabard completely separate from the pants, whereas pre-Wrath if you were in "matching" or tier gear, they would flow nicely along the the character's shape and make the gear look like a cohesive set. Having the belt protrude so much disturbs that.

Examples of what I'm thinking of:
You recycle all this content to save graphic/animation time. Where is all this saved time going?

Firelands better be like sitting in a 3-D IMAX theater with full DTS surround sound for all the corners being cut.
FYI we'll be skipping Ask the Devs this week, resuming next Monday at 4:00pm PDT with #6 "Topic to Be Determined".

Answers for #5 "Achievements" are running a bit late, but are expected to be ready and posted this Wednesday morning.

Bashiok continues to defy me...
What I'd like to see for custom weapons is letting us takes the stats of one item and putting them on another item. Kinda like taking the stats of Nibelung and putting them on Atiesh. Tho there would need to be restrictions like you cant' go put the stats of a staff onto a one hander xD
Is it blizzards intent that not having 2 maxed professions that offer great buffs, puts you at a PVE/PVP disadvantage to someone who has a gathering profession. In cataclysm i see no reason to have a gathering profession on your main character, or almost any character honestly. Even mining has lot its utility since it no longer has a cooldown to see, as it did with Titansteel in Wrath.

So basically, get 2 non gathering professions and be more pro than the other guy. (im not saying it makes you better, im saying it gives you an edge.)
I have a question for the developers, My shaman is enhance and i was lucky enough to have both fist weapons drop from Blackwing Descent trash. Why is it when the weapons are clearly meant for enhance shaman/hunter/rogue with the proc from melee or ranged attacks does the offhand use STRENGTH?!?!!?!? instead of agility like the main hand. You are robbing us of about 147 AP because i dunno, warriors or DKs (who really cares about the welfare class) wanna look cool with claw fist weapons?

p.s. DKs ar ethe welfare class imo starting at lvl 55. Warriors are the original tanks :)
Sher I think you lose a bit of credibility by grouping yourself with those who randomly attack Death Knights as a class; a baseless attack by the way, as while they were originally intended to be a hero class in the sense that they would be more powerful, blizzard saw this was not compatible with WoW, and adjusted them to be level with other classes. The difference between DKs and other classes are the levels they start at and might I mention that most competent people who are able to level to 55 understand the game. And in line with what devs have said in the past, mindlessly grinding levels forever doesn't unlock some secret magical talent for the class; I've been playing a warlock since vanilla but that doesn't make me spacial, it doesn't make me an unstoppable demonlord feared throughout the land.
That obnoxious tidbit aside... In relation to armor customization, while I for one always LOVE the fruits of the art team's labor, near everyone can agree that there is no good reason to limit the public's choice of appearance to whatever has the best stats. Honestly of all the people I know who play this game and are considering leaving, and alternatively already have left, one of the biggest things they want/wanted was the appearance tab; so yes, the appearance tab and other appearance customization options WOULD make a lot of people stay and bring some back. We have been asking for a long time and I know if a blue poster even sees this it will likely receive an "oh not this again" but it was, is, and will remain a legitimate request and I will continue to politely make a case about it from time to time.
Q: Is it possible to let the players create/edit their own looks? - Zed Loft (Taiwan), Vysha (NA/ANZ), Ráchel (EU|German)

    A: As we said in an earlier Q&A, we definitely hear loud and clear from players that they want more customization for their character. This is something we want to provide, but we want to do it in the right way. Consider the Barber Shop feature. It lets you change your character's hair, but there’s not a lot of gameplay to it. We're not sure that feature really added a lot to the game in retrospect. Is WoW more fun for you now that you have a Barber Shop? Are you more likely to keep playing because of it? Maybe, but it wasn’t a cheap feature to add in terms of development time. Dumping a bunch of dyes on the game might have a similar effect, where some players might have fun playing around with the system for a bit, but a lot of players might change their colors once or twice and then forget about the feature after that. Now, not every aspect of the game needs a ton of depth and a lot of interesting decisions, but we tend to attract more players to a feature the more robust the feature is.

    We also think it's fair to argue that the game just needs more armor and weapon art. As we said above, we deliver a lot of art these days, but we also produce an enormous number of new items every expansion or patch and it’s understandably disappointing whenever items use the same art. It would be really cool if not every mage or priest converged on the same look after a given expansion or patch.

Okay, some of this might already be covered (and probably is given the first few pages I have read) but here are my thoughts:

First of all, the Barber Shop is a bit limited (as others have pointed out... perhaps add some new hair etc every now and then ;) ) but it serves its perpose right how it is currently implemented. That being said, using that as a reference point is very misleading (and a cop out as others have said)

Now I preface this next part by saying, yes, I am/was a Guild Wars player, but some of these things have come from my own mind, not just from there.

Dye: Yes, it is a good idea, even better with the current setup. There would be quite a number of players who would dye their equipment from the get go, whether they are a new player or rolling a new toon. Given the amount of gear changes you go through from being a nub to completing level 85 (and beyond) raids, I am sure quite a number of people would use a lot of dye in that time. However, make things better by making it tradeable. Have some dye drop more than others... hell, make it drop-only. This will work for the gameplay aspect in adding to the economy of the game. Also, tie in the concept of mixing dyes, adding to the colours, and the fact that you have at least 8 visible items (helmet, shoulder pads, chest, pants, boots, bracers, cape) and there is a vairied amount of combinations available.

Upgrades: Yes, a lot of time has been invested in designing armour and weapons for the game, but has it really been used efficiently? Some players could go 'Oh, I actually liked that set' (as I have noticed in this thread) but they cant exactly keep it because they outgrow the stats. Maybe a better way of doing things is to allow upgrades for armour and weapons to bring them on par with the player's level rather than forcing them to change armour and weapons as their character improves. Personally, as a hunter, I am not looking forward to getting my teir 11 set visualy, since it looks like I skinned a murloc. Hey, others might like it, but it isnt my kettle of sand-trout. Really, quality over quantity is better, and sometimes allowing for upgrades of older items can be better than putting in new stuff and making everyone have it

Send in the clones: probably the biggest beef is the fact that there is no real individualism. yeah, I made a toon, got it to level 85... and I pretty much look like every other female night elf hunter out there. Oh, there is the change between PvE and PvP sets (not that I do much of the latter) but put a helmet on me and unless you look closely for my facial tattoos I look like all the others. It does actually add to the gameplay a bit when other players can recognise you not just by the nameplate above your head. But to me, the chacters are supposed to represent you, or the character you are playing in the RP realms, so adding individual touches does add to the gameplay in the long run
They need to add cooking and tailoring bags to the game.... Where do you ask/post these questions so that they get put out like this and answered?
04/05/2011 11:00 AMPosted by Lylirra
Q: I feel that the current item drop ratio per part for caster's is little bit weird. While belt slot items are very common, wrist and ranged (wand) item are drastically rare. Now players don't like going to Throne of the Four Winds because belt and pants are so easily acquired via other way. What if the drops of Throne of the Four Winds changed into rare slot items, such as wrist and wand?

This is an issue for myself aswell. My guild has downed all but nef so far, about a dozen times, yet I am still 5 slots away from being all epic. For all the times we dropped halfus, he's dropped his amazing staff once, went to a druid tank. Atra has dropped his bow once, other hunter got that.. Chim has never dropped his wrists, nor have V&T ever dropped thier bow or neck for us. Cho dropped the hunter tier token on our first kill, a shammy got it. The problem with that is those are the only sources for those slots other than pvp!

I don't mind random drops, i know its part of the game.. but its gone beyond random, to just cruel!

My question would be why is there only one weapon or wrist boss drop for my class (not even a boe or crafted alternative), yet there is 2 bosses in a row both drop hunter chests (and drop em often)?
Will Low level pvp be patched soon? I play 19 twinks and PVP is very broken with hunters, mages and pally's being OP at lower lvls.

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