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Exactly, someone else who understands true character customization :). There are programs already out there that could allow this feature in WoW....I'm tired of looking like other toons of this race, it would be nice to personalize it...Hey, Blizz could even implement another user fee for Character feature re-customization. Current players would have the option free for when (if) it is first implemented, but any re-customizations after that could have a fee.
I think you mean Cookie's Tenderizer, and that is still a rolling pin.

I remember back in Vanilla when i got laughed at on my warrior tank with that... i killed that mage like a Sicilian mob mother. With my rolling pin!
04/20/2011 05:09 PMPosted by Arcaneydoit
I think you mean Cookie's Tenderizer, and that is still a rolling pin.

It's not. ;.;
well that dosnt mean they are illiterate retards they have magic users therefor they must have books.
Q: Is there any chance we could have caster weapons involved in casting animations? It would look cool to be holding a staff and casting a spell through it, at least as a customization option. - Dromanthis (NA/ANZ)

A: This is something we would dearly love to do. We agree that melee specs get to see their weapons a lot more often in combat while it's easy for casters to forget about them. It's definitely on the list, but understand that we have so many races now (and two sexes for all existing races) that the animations take more time to do right/well.


Q: Will enchanters be getting back the ability to make wands? - Trustybee (Taiwan)

A: We have been discussing what role in the game wands are supposed to fill. We generally consider it a failure these days if a caster ever wants to wand for dps instead of using their spells. Working the wand into the cast animation (as in the question above) is one idea. In any event, we want to figure out what we want wands to do before we give them any more prominence.

One of the potential ways to include wands more, both in graphical wielding and in the DPS rotation, would be similar to the Paladin’s ability “Avengers Shield.”

As you said, if a caster defaults to using their wand over spells to effect damage, something is wrong. But, if one of the casted spells required a wand to be equipped in order to cast it, and whose throughput was potentially augmented by a stat on the wand... not only would you bring focus back to wands, but preference to what stats they had as well.

You could even grow on this and have each casting class’s wand-specific spell require a different stat.

For example: A Mage with a fire spec would need a wand that does fire damage in order to cast his fire ball. If they equipped a wand that did shadow or arcane damage, his action button for his fireball would gray out.

Part of the iLevel point pool could be applied to either a haste or dps boost related to that spell.

Graphically the wand-bound casted spell would be casted through the wand.

Sure, you would need to add more wands to your loot tables, but I feel this is a viable option that could bring wands into the game more.

Certainly there are a lot of other details that would need to be ironed out before a concept like this could be fielded, but it’s my two cents.

The normalizing of legendary drops would be cool, though as for legendaries I suggest a redistributing of stats in a way. Perhaps giving a BS the ability to upgrade a legendary Item like per say the Warglaives. Where with enough mats the item lvl of such and item could be brought up to a usable item lvl. Like lvling a skill in a way. So many mats to bring it up like 10 lvls. 10 lvls at a time till it reaches a item lvl cap. Everytime the lvl went up the stats would adjust accordingly. This was an idea i never got around to dropping for the Q&A ohhh well.
I will be glad when the overworked programmers are able to make account-wide items truly account wide. I was dense when I first started this game (ok ok I guess I am still dense). I ended up with toons are several realms before I realized the various realms could not interact. Beside being dense, I am also cheap. I didn't want to pay to consolidate these to a single realm.

By now, I couldn't consolidate them if I wanted too. 7 + 7 does not equal 10. Then, there is the case of PVE realms versus PVP realms, which definitely forces separation. I would like to be able to share the account-wide gear across realms for all the above reasons.
sigh i wish i knew this was going up, i would ask a question regarding the monumental oversight with warrior ranged slot items. theres a 318 green then theres... a 359 boe raid drop which is 12-20k depending on server.. and of course whos going to take a raider with a 318 green to have a chance to roll on the gun if it drops anyway?

so yeah i know this is late but my vote goes to wheres the dps warrior ranged slot item in lvl 85 normal/heroic instances lvl 333/346?

Warrior ranged slot as in str/stam main stats with secondaries of any-2-of expertise/hit/crit maybe even mastery
You can't figure out why they talk about finances when the "response" addresses it?

spend however many hours to make the barber shop. Have you ever gone back AFTER the achievement?

Please be a smart ass and say "yes, all the time" so i can respond "Logging back in now and doing it on all your toons doesn't count", and /callvote "I only did it for the achievment"

f1 - yes
f2 - no
I've purchased some guild heirloom cloaks. The armour values seem unusually low and don't seem to scale so well... like being 200 or so armour points below a blue cloak. We are talking level 85 heirlooms... they should at least have the same armour value as a blue item that is of appropriate level for the character wearing the cloak. Why is the armour value so low?
I would like to know if there are plans to allow players customization of what their Armor and weapons look like? Example I could be wearing my t11 but the model shows as which ever armor I have owned before, or even just the coloring control like guild tabards.

Thank you for your time.
It really disappoints me when they reference finances as a reason for not doing anything. At this point, I really don't think money should stop them from doing anything. They have enough money to do whatever they want.

They never reference finances as a reason for not doing something. They reference developer time, time they would rather spend on content than something as meaningless as an appearance tab, or a barber shop. Both are great ideas that I would love to see implemented, but there are other things the devs would like to spend time on, like new raids/battlegrounds, or balance issues. They will not take time away from these things unless they are certain the players will like the new feature, otherwise the time is, in essence, wasted. Never has Blizzard specifically mentioned finances as a reason for not developing a feature, the use of the term "developer time" is very intentional.

They prioritize content over features because while players may occasionally organize an outcry for a specific feature (an appearance tab, for example), players are always chomping at the bit for new content. We're all aware of how closely Blizzard follows release dates (heavy sarcasm), so don't you think it would be best to waste as little developer time as possible so that the already large amounts of time we spend waiting for content can become just a little bit shorter?
12,000,000 X $15 a month = $180,000,000. (thats 180million)
$180,000,000 x 12 months a year = You do the math.
(just a rough estimate from what ive heard about how many folks play WoW)

I know Blizz has to pay their employee's. such is the nature of having and job and working. To get paid. but this game is going to the dogs in a really big way. it used to be a really great way to relax. but now i log on and watch a bunch of mini-me's running around in the exact same gear as the next guy. hell, im a soldier, getting paid less than ur employee's do to risk alot more. come up with something worth the gamer's time. i know several people who have quit cause of various nerf's and lack of character customization depth. if u dont want to hire a programmer to do the necessary programming, just say so. I'd rather Blizz be honest and say they dont want to (right now than) dodge around and say "next patch" or "in the future" knowing that they never are or are too cheap.

Tier sets have been in the game since almost day one, it's not a new system. The fact that you see someone walking around that looks just like you is nothing new, and don't act like it is. And the $180,000,000 does not all go to Blizzard, not by far. And you would be surprised how much of that gets used simply to keep the game running. With each of those 12 million players comes a cost, a cost in the form of server space and database hosting space. WoW is the largest MMO in the world, and it has some 70+ servers, and those servers cost a boatload of money. Many MMOs (semi-popular ones even) have 3, maybe 4 servers and still go out of business, despite filling them all. Then comes salaries, labor fees, etc., and suddenly there's not much of that $180,000,000 left. When you consider the amount of media Blizzard produces outside of World of Warcraft, you start to get an idea of why there isn't as much money as you think there is. The fact is, Blizzard is doing a lot of different things at once, and that $180,000,000 from WoW (being by far the largest source of income for Blizzard) funds most of them. Blizzard has three major franchises going, Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo. None of them are currently idling, and money is being spent on all the content that Blizzard fans expect. Just look at all the Blizzard staff assigned to work on WoW. There's quite a number of people on this project alone, but you have to remember that there's a team of equal size on both of the other two projects, an even bigger team on Diablo because it's still in development. In the end, what's actually left for the WoW development staff to work with is nothing compared to the vast $180,000,000 you started with, and I think that what's left would be better spent on actual content, rather than trivial things like appearance alteration or new art models.

And I find it hard to believe that people would actually quit the most polished MMORPG on the market simply because they found the appearance of their digital avatar to look a little too similar to someone else's. Rather than looking at the tier sets as some ugly piece of armor that your character will lose their identity to, look at it as a trophy. I don't think a trophy looks appealing, but I sure do like what they stand for. Chess, one of the greatest games in history, is always played with the same 6 pieces.
04/05/2011 11:10 AMPosted by Lukar
inside jokes (Chestplate of Hubris),

I admit to being curious where this comes from...

I'll toss my two cents in on the barber shop thing though.

When I first created this character, he was bald and clean-shaven, which fit his character at the time. As he grew and evolved (yes I'm an RP'er, yes my character has his own personality, not it's not split personality disorder), that didn't fit him anymore. I was overjoyed when the barber shop was added, so I could put some hair and a nice beard on this character.

Since it was added I've made use of it on multiple occasions, using it to change my beard, hair, or the color from time to time. I also enjoy using it to test hair styles on my models, because sometimes it doesn't look quite the same when you're starting at the character creation as it does when you're actually using it in-game.

I agree with you about the hairstyle thing, and being a bit of an RP-er myself I am so glad to be able to change my looks, often. :) But I am also overcome with the urge to say "Really goblin? just tell me why my you can't do pink hair on a human? HMM??" Know what I'm sayin? I wish they were more universal with the styles and colors. There's no reason why that goblin doesn't know how to do the same hairstyles and colors on a nightelf as it does for a gnome.. just sayin.
A: As we said in an earlier Q&A, we definitely hear loud and clear from players that they want more customization for their character. This is something we want to provide, but we want to do it in the right way. Consider the Barber Shop feature. It lets you change your character's hair, but there’s not a lot of gameplay to it. We're not sure that feature really added a lot to the game in retrospect. Is WoW more fun for you now that you have a Barber Shop? Are you more likely to keep playing because of it? Maybe, but it wasn’t a cheap feature to add in terms of development time.

I wonder where the Dance Studio got to. Oh wait, now I know.

damn they should do that, i'd get my new haircut and go clubbin. HAHA that's hilarious, good idea. honestly wish we had it now..

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