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Hello All,

I've been gearing up through heroics and am currently looking for a raiding guild. I'm currently ilvl 341 but still running at least 1 or 2 heroics every day so I expect that number to continue going up.

I'd like to be raiding 2-3 nights a week, prefer weekdays, but days and times are pretty flexible, with adults only (or at least 16+) and R/NC-17 chat. I use vent or other voice software of the guild's choice and am happy to install mods and bring required raiding mats. I'm a dependable player and if I can't make a raid for any reason, I will let you know in advance. I have a lot of hardcore raiding experience from Vanilla, but then life got in the way and I quit playing seriously for a few years.

Ideally, I'd like to find a guild that will let me run with them a couple of times before I join so both the guild and I can get a feel about whether it's a good fit or not.
-Missing essential glyphs for holy
-Profession "skinning" WT...
-Enchanting- How come you don't enchant your rings?
-you cant afford a blue gem for your legs?
-you planning on reforging?

04/08/2011 11:11 AMPosted by Jylla
I have a lot of hardcore raiding experience from Vanilla
I just got back into the game a few weeks ago and there have been a lot changes (glyphs, reforging, ect) so I'm just learning about a lot of this stuff. No need to be mean and judgmental about it.

And if your guild is made up of people like the poster above me, it's not the guild for me.

ETA: I'm not looking for a hardcore guild. I'd like 2-3 nights a week of raiding and a group that is understanding about occasional absences.
Send me a tell next time you are online and see me, which will probably be Monday since we usually are a weekday guild. Tue - Wed - Thur 7-10PM server time, attendance is NOT mandatory. We are 12/12 and 1/13 and trying to move into 25 mans (just like everyone else) and running 2 10's (also just like everyone else).

Have a good weekend, good luck in your search!

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