Official Shaman Tanking Guide

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omg lets bring this back, it's so great.
04/12/2011 09:58 AMPosted by Ilikeggs
10/10 Big difference between trolling and just making an obvious joke thread for the amusement of the community.


If you thought it was a troll post... then I appreciate your existance.
The first time I read it, I laughed. After reading it again months later, I laughed harder. Great hilarious post!
Sticky requested. :3
made me laugh... two thumbs!!
This is the only shaman tanking thread I approve of.
I'm in love. I'm happy I got to read this magnificent post. <3
This is the greatest thing ever created.


Even before creation itself.
I remember leveling my shaman back in wotlk. I would queue for Scarlet Monastery Tank, Dps, and Heal all at the same time and beat everyone else at it. /sigh stupid blizzard
My God. This thread is wonderful.
I completely forgot about this thread. Best necro ever!
omg yes praise the lord for bringing this back
The ladies not only love a good tank, they love a good beard.

I have tanked and I have loved it.

When MrBadBloodDK drops dead, who's there?


I have the tools.
I have a taunt and I have the doggies.
I have the elementals and the lightning.
I have the ability.

Most of all, I have the MINDSET!

My DemoLock wants to tank too, but that's for him to post over there.
Oh yeah, in emergencies, my UH DK has done quite well as tank, several times.

Hmmm, (strokes beard) it must be me...
A couple of patches ago on the beta MMOC had listed Block as a new spell for shaman. I was like, "Yes Blizzard. Continue trolling the shaman tank fanatics."
This is the greatest thing ever created.


Even before creation itself.

^ This.
I would like to personally appologise to Gravestorm,

I skipped this thread many a times, and now I am angry at myself for missing out on such funny !@#$. Well done!!

There needs to be more of this everywhere....period

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