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Going on 2 hours now running around Ghostlands spamming my /tar Larva macro, I've come here for a little bit of help. For the people that have completed this achievement, would you care to shed some light on how and where you found the Larva in Ghostlands? I've looked it up countless times, wowhead, forums, you name it. I've been to every marked spot on the map and it hasn't been there, as well as a few hidden coords that promised a Larva and didn't deliver.

ANY help would be appreciated. Getting pretty frustrating.

Edit: Lol found it 30 seconds after making the post. Sick.
They are pretty hard to find in Ghostlands despite the multitude of possible spawn locations. I'm fairly sure I got mine in Naxxramas (they're all over the place in the gauntlet before Heigan).

Something I've seen suggested is that they share spawns with Spider critters. This catches a lot of people out, more often with quest mobs that share a spawn, since you can end up with only the non-quest spawn left up and nobody ever thinks to kill things they don't need to make the thing they do need appear. So if you really can't find a Larva, murder some Spiders int he right spots and then come back again a little while later.
Ive spend over an hour already and I cant find it. They need more locations of this creature
Seems to me I ran across some either in the Scar or inside or directly around the outside of one of the Ziggerats(sp?) just yesterday on a new BE pally.
anyone have a picture of it?
It's not a big deal. Go to the spawn locations and murder the critters you see there, to get a chance for a respawn.
Try right outside of the Howling and Bleeding Ziggerats, i've passed by a ton of them there.

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