So I heard <We Are Not Uber> is..

Shattered Hand
the best guild on shattered hand?

I have a friend on the server and he says it's really good, is it worth transferring to?
All signs point to yes.
Not even close, they have ninjas in groups, take what they want, and have a rep for having their buddies exchange loot between themselves. Goodluck if you xfer to join them, you will leave them in less than a week.
There is little to no validity to that last troll comment. However, when you have a Guild of 1,000 members things are never perfect. We are the realms first Guild level 25 and the largest Guild on the server. While this does not reflect quality it surely should not take away from it. We are not competitive with the higher progressed raiding Guilds however we are 8/8 and 1/8 Heroic in DragonSoul. We are not competitive with other top realm PvP Guilds however we have amassed 1300 Guild rated battleground wins and are working towards achieving more. We aren't the 'best' on the server or anywhere for just about anything however there are a few things that we stand for an offer that make us a very worthy and valuable Guild imo: 1) We care about each and every member 2) Guild standards are the same for all ten ranks 3) We will be here. You may not sign onto the best Guild of any type of game aspect/element however you will sign onto a Guild that is present and active and cares 4) We try and provide activity on all levels of Azeroth in almost all aspects from pre-Cata raids, to current expansion raids, to progression raids, to world PvP, to Guild RBG's, to Guild core Arena teams, and much much more.

Thank you

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