5/13h Nemesis Lfm Locks/Ranged and Resto Sham

Nemesis is looking to add a few more players to our raiding roster. We're currently in need of warlocks and ranged DPS as well as A resto Shammy. If you're interested in applying/joining, Contact an officer in game or visit www.mynemesis.net.

If your class is not listed but you feel that you are an exceptional player and want to help us progress, please stop by and apply as well!
Bump for my Nemesis friends <3
Who are you and why do your eyes glow blue?
bump for heroic Valiona and Theralion after 5 attempts
Beat something pre-nerf on this server and then pat yourselves on the back.
This is my main.
You see, business ethics... uhhh

Grats on the kill though, and goinhamonya is a beast and you should pick him up.
Looking for a resto shamman
I just ate a hippopotomus for lunch!
Does watching the Crisp kill videos help?
oh an anonymous troll dump
I'm posting on my alt cause i'm afraid of hurting my e-rep.

Good luck Nemesis :)
wtb more dots, warlocs and shadow priests and a hunter that doesn't consider blackouts an optional game mechanic.

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