Hi from Roidz :)

Hey guys :)

So the funniest thing happened to me hehe and I thought I should let you know!

But before that I'd just like to ask how everyone is doing? It's been almost 4 months since I last played this and I haven't once looked back which is great but at the same time I miss some of the community, hope you're all fine!

And so my story hehe. So my friend logged onto his account after a long time today and said I had been on 13 days ago. Well I hadn't so I investigated this immediately and realised I had been hacked.

He however, DIDN'T Change my password! IS STILL subscribed with his credit card (on a monthly recurring basis) and didn't even take stuff in my bank (my most valuable items)!

Now, I have re-secured my account, but if you did hack me and you read this, let me know who you are so I can unsubscribe your credit card :P, otherwise (even though no1 is using this account), you're going to lose a lot of money until you somehow get out of the subscription or change credit card :P

Cheers, TC all :)
hey they left your tabard thats all that matters, right?
india was lucky not to face nz in the final
Might want to be a bit cautious about it. Had one of my mates take his mum's credit card to pay for a month one time when he couldn't be *%*@ed getting a game card. Story short and she called Blizzard when she got her bank statement and his account got perma banned and he didn't tell her.

Also; Heya
hey rodz
Someone probably used a stolen credit card not their own :/
this calls for some detective work.
The email address is probably compromised
Good idea :) I should probably unsubscribe haha :D

Me and Crunchy miss you!
If you ever come back, dont be a stranger. You have me on facebook so dont forget to say hi!
Im glad RL is going great for you.
Love Jugz
Hey :) will do thanks... I'm not going to come back :(
So if you haven't found out already. This happened to me, and its a false card. Blizz will make you pay for each month you left that card on for, I left mine on for 4 months they charged me 60$... Trust me I did all the calls everything, I was not happy, So I made a whole new account, RaF'd w/ my father.. Yes he still plays WoW, haha, But now things are going great.
Why did you bump a 1 year old thread...
p good question

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