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How did you decide where to set the requirements for the guild professions achievements? Some of them (glyphs, as example) seem ridiculously high.
Highly Rated
Will we ever see a change to the Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin exalted achievement /reputation grinds? While normally a fan of time consuming achievements, these two seem to be a tad excessive. Warsong moreso as you can go entire games without gaining any reputation at all. You could in theory lose every AB you ever do, and eventually get exalted at a "reasonable" pace. Perhaps award rep for Flag returns, killing efcs, capping bases, HKs similar to Alteracy Valley, etc.
Highly Rated
Will there be any more achievements that are extremely grind worthy? Such as the Insane title and achievement are.
Highly Rated
A Mask for All Occasions

This achievement stands out alone. Unfortunately the math threads and graphs were all on the old forum system, but I believe it worked out to take about 6 years as an average case for a player who checked in every hour, 12 hours per day, for 14 days per year. Reduce that to a reasonable amount of play time per year, and it starts to look like 10-20 years for a realistic human player who sleeps, raids, and/or has a job. Is there any chance of getting this reduced a bit? Not made super-easy, but at least to the 3-year mark to be on par with other long-term achievements?
Highly Rated
Will there ever be account-wide achievements implemented?

[e]: I know a lot of people would love to have Feats of Strength account wide, and some of the older raiding achievements lose a lot of their meaning over time. It would be nice to have it all cataloged for people chronologically.
Will new guild achievements be released to make up for the removal of several Rated BG related guild achievements that were not correctly working?
Highly Rated
Do you ever plan to actually use the achievement points as a currency? When the achievement system was being discussed, there was speculation that the points could be used to purchase additional vanity rewards, such as cool tabards and mounts, yet now they just sit there, begging to be used.
Highly Rated
Will you ever bring back the mounts for achievements that were removed (Naxx Glory runs) as you didn't remove the later mounts?

Are you ever going to be CONSISTENT on how you handle achievements? (Keymaster NOT becoming a feat of strength, the Naxx mounts, etc?)
Highly Rated
I'd like to see the achievement system become more active and dynamic, will we ever see achievements that unlock quest lines, dungeons, or other Easter egg content as a reward for dedicating so much time in Azeroth?

Achievements are my favorite part by the way. :)
Highly Rated
Will we ever see profession achievements relating to primary professions (such as Enchanting, Blacksmithing, and Herbalism) instead of just secondary ones (like First Aid, Fishing, Cooking, and Archaeology)?
Highly Rated
What are the Devs thoughts and opinions on account-wide Achievements? Maybe something similar to the guild achievements but scaled down for a single player rather then a mass of people. I know several people who do different things on each toon. One will have one strict pvp and the other pve and might mix them up a bit. Have the devs ever considered implementing such a system?
Highly Rated
Will we ever see achievements that are account based (or based) rather than character based?
Surveying the Damage
Was it intended that this achievement be unlocked automatically by players who had already explored the areas listed pre-Cataclysm. It was kind of underwhelming to earn the achievement simply by logging in after the Shattering.
Highly Rated
Overthrow the Council was changed from killing Magni Bronzebeard to killing all members of the Council of Three Hammers, but Immortal No More still only requires killing Tyrande Whisperwind. Why does Malfurion Stormrage just stand there and watch?
Highly Rated
In WotLK you had the "for the alliance" and "for the horde" achievements that implemented some world PvP, do you plan to implement some more achievements like these to encourage world pvp?
Highly Rated
Will the Feats of Strength regarding Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros and Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker be changed back to "owner of" from "wielder of"? The change was originally made so when Legendary weapons dropped, the winner couldn't just trade them to every player and trade it back through the new BoP 2-hour trade timer. Sulfuras and Thunderfury however are not looted and could never be traded in this manner. I'm sure a there are other classes who cannot wield these weapons but who have put in the work to obtain them who would enjoy this Feat of Strength.

[shamelessly reposted from last week's Q&A on armor and weapons]
Highly Rated
Any chance of having the First Aid section fleshed out with more achievements and maybe a title added to it?

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