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Would this small change in the cookie cutter build help for that quick heal if needed during a raid with out loss of dps?!gk!gPdeSQeZSZ!Y!bcVfURkno

Edit: Improved Blood Tap With Lichborne Heal
Of course using Lichborne will be a loss of DPS, because you're missing out on the Frost Strikes that you could have used, plus the Runic Empowerment procs it would have given you. I don't think it's worth it, personally, unless you really are dying that often and need every scrap of health to stay alive.
i still am trying to gear and learn the mechanics i left shortyl after cata came out
3/3 in epidemic isn't really needed if you know how to keep really good uptime on your diseases. 2/3 can come in a good bit of handy if you throw another point into Runic Power Mastery. It can and will equal another Obliterate you can squeeze in before you start Frost Striking. I should add, however, that you need to be next to flawless with re-applying Blood Plague for this to be a dps increase.
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Hey guys, is it still true that 2H frost is not viable in serious PvE? Saved a heroic ataraxis today from being dusted, now I dunno what to do with it.

It IS entirely viable when reforged correctly. I would argue that Altraxis would be a dps increase over everything up to Heroic Gurth'alak or Heroic Souldrinkers or that weird Agil axe that SMF warriors love.
I.... ... LOVE YOU!!!
I apologize if this has popped up elsewhere and I just overlooked it, but...

As DW Frost, at what point should I stop reforging into Haste and focus more on Mastery. I notice in the guide that at 359ilvl Haste outweighs Mastery significantly more than at 378ilvl where they are nearly even. Does Mastery continue to increase in potency at higher ilvl?
I'm currently around 400ilvl and while I'm leading my 10m in DPS, I'm not ranking on Heroic fights and haven't ranked on some non-Heroics. I've checked out some of the top DW DKs on WoL and they have started to reforge into Mastery. Most of the top ten have over 20.00 in Mastery and have let their Haste drop to 70ish%. If I reforge straight Hit(cap)>Exp(cap)>Haste>Mastery I'm around 79% Haste and 15.99 Mastery. Granted, the top spot on H Morchok has a full BiS set, but him pulling 62k and me pulling 30k is a big leap. That alone should show me that Mastery is more important at higher ilvl, but I'd like to see the math that backs it up. I'm not a mathematical wizard, so I look forward to seeing what all of you that are smarter than me think.
Frost is very RNG dependent. Because we can be overflowing on resources and procs one minute and be completely dry the next, there's no simple haste "cap" to aim for. Instead, my philosophy is to stop adding additional haste at the point where I consistently have more runes/runic power/Rime and KM procs than I can spend. At that point, it would be a DPS loss for me personally to add more haste, so I switch to mastery.
hey taruun can u plz tell me whts ur average dps so i can decide if i will be frost or unholy
Can you actually pop both of your trinkets at once? When I pop one, the other always goes into a short cooldown...
Lazzarrus: I'm sorry I didn't notice your reply earlier! It's nowhere near that simple, though, because my DPS is very dependent on my gear and skill level as well. (And because I haven't logged on to the game in weeks because I've been having too much fun on the beta and I forgot my average DPS....) I'll repeat what I said in the guide: Frost and Unholy are so close in DPS that you can really, truly pick either of them and be just fine if you're good enough.

Gobgoogly: You're right about that, and I'm sorry for the confusion.
I feel like my dps is lacking, I'm doing about 28-34k dps on most fights but I feel like I should be able to do more, I am running into many moments where I am completely rune starved and twiddling my thumbs.

Now I know my gear isn't the greatest.
OK. I'd kill to be in Nerfs shoes. If you check out Hate, you should see that I'm at least well geared for Firelands. I don't have much DS or HoT gear. I've gemmed and reforged correctly but my DPS on the dummies is around 11 to 14k. I know I can bump my ilvl up some and could upgrade at least to Queen's Garnets (I'm also working on switching to BS and JC) but other than that, I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I'm following the diseases, obliterate, frost strike, rime, obliterate, frost strike, howling blast, horn of winter single target priority. Hateful would be grateful for any thoughts or feedback you all can share. I'm def open to suggestions! Thanks in advance.
Nerf- you need to commit to one stat or the other. in your case haste. replace boot enchant and you gemmed str/mast on boots for a 20 str bonus good thought but wrong gem choice. you have some pieces of gear without haste reforged into. fix the absence of haste on gear this will help rune regen helping rp gen erasing downtime.

Hateful- no offense but you simply lack gear and set bonuses which helps contribute huge to dps. you are 2%9273 rating) over hit cap, 2 (60) points over exp cap. your spec is lacking.
get rid of on a pale horse, endless winter(put into icy reach), chillblains is not needed and get rid of that point in might of forzen waste. max out bladed armor with 1 point in butchery and 2 points in epidemic.

these changes will increase your dps you two. that and practice practice practice.
No apologies necessary! I appreciate you taking your time to help me improve. I'm all about some constructive feedback. I was getting pretty frustrated with my game play. In fact, I've kinda avoided HoT dungeons and DS raids as I didn't want to be the weak link. I'll be sure to make those changes you recommended. Thanks again for your input.

- Hate
Can someone please point out (link) the section about dual wielding one handers for this spec ? I can't see very well at my age.
Meithreusdk: right now, there aren't too many differences between a dual-wield spec and a two-handed spec. Is this the section you were looking for?

(Acronym explanation time: 2H means you use one weapon and carry it in both hands, while DW means you carry two weapons, one in each hand.)
Assuming your weapons are of roughly the same quality, DW will do more damage than 2H over an extended duration.
The playstyle difference between DW and 2H is very small: the rotation is exactly the same, and so are the stats you try to maximize. There are only four differences: the weapons themselves, the location of six talent points, a slightly different hit cap, and the fact that DW gets more procs than 2H and 2H gets more resources than DW.
One thing to keep in mind is how hard or easy it's going to be to get your weapons. DW has to grab twice as many weapons, of course, but only one-half of one other spec is trying to get the same weapons, while every other plate DPS spec, plus the Blood tanks, wants those two-handers. Also, if you ever change your mind and want to go Unholy, it will be far easier if you have the weapon to go with it.
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Meithreusdk: right now, there aren't too many differences between a dual-wield spec and a two-handed spec. Is this the section you were looking for?

Yes ! :) Okay I'm sort of being a pest.Yes I want to dual wield, But noxxic doesn't say anything about it, plus another DK said only "Frost supports DW viably. With Unholy I would get more white hits than anything else." Is this true ? and if not why and how could I adjust my talent points so that I can once again bladestorm like I did in lower lvls ? To me it seems I do more dmg, much faster when DW. I'm sure I probably won't see those occassional 66K crits, but more 30K more often sure would be a plus.
Bladestorm is for warriors, not us.

This is a link to the Frost DW talent spec, but I would really encourage you to read the rest of the guide as well. I don't have one specific section devoted to the differences between DW and 2H, but spell it out throughout the guide.!dj!gPahSQeZSZ!Yj!beVUko

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