Frost PvE Guide (5.4)

Death Knight
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04/05/2011 01:34 PMPosted by Nijeak
That reminds me...Nijeak, where's my EJ Frost guide, eh eh? :)

I actually just finished a rough draft and sent a PM to Tehax to see what I need to do. I figure 4.1 is going to happen in a week or two so I should expect that no one else has offered to do it and bite the bullet.

Yay!!! Extra fruit punch and pie for you, sir!
sticky requested, at this point as mentioned above the 821 hit is only necessary for interrupts, not dps as DW.

I really like the fact you went into and encouraged the use of defensive cd's as well *thumbs up*
Awesome guide! I just read it and loved it! I increased my dps by 50% already :)

Sticky requested
I'm saved. Apparently someone else is working on it.
04/05/2011 02:02 PMPosted by Nijeak
I'm saved. Apparently someone else is working on it.

Lucky! You and Kailee can go 50/50 on a hammock now.
/shakes fist
Also, requested sticky :)
Thanks for the advice (and sticky votes), everyone! I'll make the suggested changes (and add a macro section) over the next couple of days.

Bump to send this back to the first page.
Very good info, sticky requested :)
Also requested a sticky. <3 Frost PVE
as a new dk, i want to thank you for this fine guide, it was like some one turn on a light, i learn alot about the gear and aoe spell rotation, thank you again. :)
great guide! sticky requested!
Awesome guide! Thanks for the info.
04/05/2011 07:19 AMPosted by Taruun
Oh, and don't forget that you gain immunity to knockbacks when it's up, if you find a use for that in a PvE fight. And when you do, please let me know so I can mark it as the first possible use of the talent.

One very good use of the utility (anti-knockback) aspect of this ability is on the Al-Akir fight in To4W. This makes you immune to Al-Akir's AOE knockback which not only gives you a lot more uptime on the boss (yay more DPS) but also simplifies situations where you get caught about the get knocked back as a wall of tornadoes approaches you.
Morzann: done and done, as well as the earlier suggestions that others made. If anyone else has any more improvements to suggest, please let me know.

In the meantime, there's been a post on Sticky Protocol:

Once a Request Sticky is submitted (only 1 is necessary), please refrain from bumping the thread so that constructive conversation can carry on without interruption. If you find yourself really excited about a positive thread, we definitely encourage you to give it a thumbs-up with the Like button!

If you enjoy the guide, please do the whole "Like" thing so that more people can see the thread. :)
If you are still considering a macros section, our guild came across a script that has helped us a lot in our Al'Akir attempts. It basically increases your max camera distance so you can zoom out very far. I added it to my sticky today and thought I would share it with you since you may find it of interest as well.

Max Camera Distance
This isn't so much of a macro as it is a one-time slash command. The following script will increase the allowable threshold of your camera's distance. This is wonderful for fights like Al'Akir where there are large scale effects and far away enemies. Just type the script into your chat window and scroll your wheel to experience the amazing new birds-eye view.
/script SetCVar("cameraDistanceMax",30)
/console cameradistancemaxfactor 6

Will do something similar.
Resilience is exclusively for PvP.
04/08/2011 05:51 PMPosted by Hellraiserx
What about resilience? or is that more for Pvp?

Resilience is only PVP.

Anyway, I've found I put out a lot more threat than I did with UH, which is annoying. But those big numbers are so pretty.
Heartless: the macros section is in, and I've just added the camera zoom technique you mentioned. A bit about resilience as well.

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