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Death Knight
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Will 2H still be better than DW PvE wise ?

Or is there a huge difference between the two playstyles ? I'd rather be playing DW but I don't wanna lose any potential for my new formed raid group.
Im looking for more information about the runeforging any advise is better then none.
Hello. I've been playing a frost DK lately, and I don't know my rotation yet. :( Do you know a good frost DK rotation? If so it would be very appreciated if you shared it with me. (:
(90 frost Dk) im confused about the whole Crit being important now, how is haste not a big thing still? why is crit so important when we have killing machine procs? more importantly wouldnt haste be better for faster melee attacks so we can get more KM procs? 5.4 is so far very confusing to me im afraid that my dps is lower than avg at my ilvl (currently 542) i avg maybe 145-150k dps full raid buff, so if anyone can respond and explain that would be greatly appreciated, ill just switch back to blood if i cant up my dps :(
Hello. I'm still having problems with my rotation for DW. I don't know what to cast for a filler. I try doing some youtube search but nothing really good shows up, im also trying to find some tell me when too. when I see a video it help me a lot, but im not getting any luck
Frost DK PvE: Dual Wield or Two handed?
06/15/2014 06:27 PMPosted by Hör
Frost DK PvE: Dual Wield or Two handed?

dual weild.
is the info in this thread still valid ? the op date is over 3 years old now.
That is what I was wondering.
I wouldn't follow it. I'd go to a website like Elitist Jerks Frost guide by Mendenbarr. As for stat weights, your best option is to download simcraft and sim your character to find your best stats. Just skimming over the posts most of it is out-dated.
This guide needs to be updated for Warlords of Draenor.

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