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Death Knight
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i liked it but it still doesnt help much for me atm, my dps doesnt match my gear and i been all blue rouges,warriors,and druids out dps in frost when the procs dont pop on time. especially in bosses. im currently switching to unholy see if i can do better there but will take this guide into consideration next patch.. well done none the less..

just wanted to add for dark sim one BIG use i found for it is on cho,gaul just throw it on a caster, i've stolen everything from fireballs to LoH to pally wings at this point.

also sticky plz
Currently leveling a DK to help my guild with a tank shortage for more raid groups, but currently going with DW Frost as the DPS spec. I originally went with Unholy, but since pretty much every other DK I saw was also Unholy, I wanted to go against the grain and chose DW Frost. And I just fell in love, the damage I was doing when I switched and the damage I'm doing now is incredible.

There's one thing I'd like to ask though. You provide good info on what abilities should be used primarily, and others that aren't used quite as often but are still quite as useful. There's a couple that aren't listed, so I figured it would be good to ask to see if they are excluded from the list for a reason:

1. Pestilence. Seems like a quick way to spread diseases, especially Blood Plague, around. Wouldn't this make sense to Howling Blast to put Frost Fever around, Plague Strike one target and then Pestilence around Blood Plague rather than manually switching targets to apply Plague Strike individually?

2. Necrotic Strike. It seems like it puts a nice debuff on the enemy, but I guess targets that really should get it would most likely be immune, like bosses, correct?

Other abilities I see left out, like Blood Boil, Rune Strike and Death Coil just make sense, it's the two above I just wanted to confirm.
Stupid intermittent internet. Thanks for the support, everyone. :)

Amaraa: Pestilence actually isn't any good for a Frost DK. First, realize that the diseases from Pestilence have only half the strength of a Plague Strike disease. Second, realize that every Unholy rune you get has no real place to go except for Plague Strike (aside from one Death and Decay every 30 seconds). Now, if you have a whole bundle of adds, like ten or more, it might be worth it. Otherwise, a little more work gives you a little more DPS.

Good point on Necrotic Strike, though. I will add a sentence or two about that.
I guess that makes sense, then, since mobs tend to range around 4 to 6 enemies from what I see. So I suppose using Plague Strike repeatedly to apply Blood Plague would be a better bet. Thanks on clarifying that for me.

On a related note, I need to find the Howling Blast glyph so I can use it as my Frost Fever application on multiple enemies...
I like your guide bud. Very well written and an easy read through.
04/19/2011 10:18 AMPosted by Amaraa
On a related note, I need to find the Howling Blast glyph so I can use it as my Frost Fever application on multiple enemies...

Good luck with that. I dunno what your realm is like, but on Nesingwary I found the glyph on the AH for a whopping 150g, and had to wait a few days to find a cheaper one, but it was still expensive at 60g.
I like your guide, very nice but
For 2h frost specs, I would rather not spec into epidemic and get improved blood tap as it goes for a bigger DPS increase.
Also if you're doing PVE i recommend endless winter because having a free rupt is awesome.
Taruun, you can link posts now. Might want to update your index. ;)
04/21/2011 10:56 PMPosted by Dascylus
According to a recent Twitter post, it seems like Consider may "consider" handling the Frost dps guide because there have yet to be any signs of EJ taking up someone new for the job.

So far as I know there's someone working on a post already, it's just not going up until the patch.
Sebasaurus: If you take all your points out of Epidemic in order to get IBT, you get yourself in a bad situation. Your Blood Plague would only last for 21 seconds, which means you need to use Plague Strike twice between each Outbreak (instead of just once) to keep Blood Plague up, which is another Unholy rune down the drain every minute. Either that, or lose 12.5% additional damage on your Obliterate for those 20 seconds. To say nothing of the increased chance to not get a Rime proc in time to refresh Frost Fever... I believe it is actually a DPS loss, but if nothing else it gives you a lot less headaches.

Alvraen: I'll get on that, thanks. :)
I blame Simcraft.

In any case, the two specs aren't different enough for two threads. People just need to be less ambiguous.
04/05/2011 07:14 AMPosted by Taruun
Mark of the Frozen Wastes

It's called "Might of the Frozen Wastes." Tiny correction

Awesome guide! Been waiting for this, very well written and funny.
Thank you very much for this awesome guide, really help alot as a new player and new death knight.
It's called "Might of the Frozen Wastes." Tiny correction

Gah! Good catch, fixed.

I've made the updates to this thread for 4.1, except for the stat weight section. I want to be sure I have it correct, so I'd rather have outdated information that false information.

Maybe this will prove to Blizzard that the thread needs a sticky? :(
What your take on the IBT/UP debate @ EJ atm Tar?

Starts off pretty wrong but then goes places with sim data.........

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