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Are there any plans to allow non-85 toons to buy level 85 honor gear? Right now, there's nothing very useful to spend your honor points on at low levels and many of my leveling alts are hitting the 4000 point honor cap. It sure would be nice to be able to buy one piece of level 85 honor PvP gear so we don't hit 85 naked.

Sure I could always buy some over-priced hypnotic dust but.... I am PvPing because I like to PvP and would love to bank a piece or two of gear so I don't have to spend a week getting utterly pasted in BGs while undergeared.

We used to be able to do this in Wrath and I'd usuall buy a set of bracers so I can continue to gain honor and not sit capped at 4000 by the time I hit 65 or 70.
That change was done on purpose. I doubt they'll revert it.
They do not want players stockpiling level 85 gear as they level up, giving them a full set of that gear the instant they hit 85. With 4000 points you can get a couple of pieces when you hit 85, the rest you have to earn while at 85.

So no, you cannot buy that gear ahead of time (before hitting 85).
I still have a 77 rogue with 2-3 pieces of 80 gear from Wrath...I haven't even played him after I saw this stupid change. It was so nice to have 3-5 pieces ready to go at 80, so you wouldn't just have your ass handed to you every game for hours--the gear separation is even worse at 85...this is why so many people complain about the pvp gear grind.

Blizzard isn't paying attention.

I hated making the constant runs (as alliance) to the WSG vendor every x8 level, when sometimes I could have bought the next x8 gear, or even buy it at x6 so the instant I hit x8 I could wear them.

Who asked for more grind?
Honor gains are pretty low anyways. You don't start to gain serious honor points until around 70+. It's not really efficient to stockpile honor points pre-85.

I don't see the big deal... it's just a bit of a disincentive to PvP once you hit that cap. It kills me to waste perfectly good honor points on junk when I am level 73 and capped.
My problem with honor below 85 is that you can't seem to get enough honor to make any purchases until the items thst you WOULD purchase are useless.

I just levelled from 80 to 81 EXCLUSIVELY in BGs (I turned off exp for ALL other activities outside of BGs)... at the time I hit 81, I had racked up about 800 honor. Fortunately, I filled out my PvP set in Wrath, because a whole levels worth of honor does not even net me one pc of (somewhat outdated) gear.

Whoever worked out the math on this (at Bliz) did a HORRIBLE job.

If they are going to make "stock piling" impossible... then fine... but honestly, if you are going to do that then make the lower level PvP gear EXTREMELY cheap so that you might be able to get some gear before it is totally useless.
Well I guess it'll be a Maelstrom Crystal purchased instead.... I'd rather have a piece or two of PvP appropriate gear by the time I hit 85.

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