Quick sap macro for 1vs1 rogues?

UI and Macro
Hi im looking for a macro that in 1vs1 rogue vs rogue allow me to fast autotarget my enemy rogue and sap them fast instead of targetting them and then press sap. I know one
/cast sap
Is there a better one than this out there? i got this 1 from a website haven't try it yet but hoping some1 out there explain what this does and is there a better than this one? please.
The macro is pretty straightforward, to be honest:

First, it clears your target.
Then, it targets the nearest enemy player (if that's a stealthed rogue near you, it is probably the rogue).
Last, it casts sap. If your target is within range, that is. Therefore if you've targeted an enemy rogue, you'll sap them.

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