Who Still Plays?

Shattered Hand
Anyone know if Mazed, Lamisil, and ex Beyond Remorse players still here? Anyone that I know?
TYREALLLLL!! do you still play...its lami!
Mazed do still play, He's just cascul now from time to time.
Way to bump an almost year old post dduuurrr
Tyreal! I miss you!
Galcian here, I still play. I just returned two weeks ago after leaving for 2 years.

Play on Ysera.

Mainly horde side on Galcain my hunter.
People still play on this server? lmao i got the hell out of SH just in time. Org is a ghost-town. I just come to these forums to see if i can find anyone i know and convince them to get the hell out before they close the server and you loose your characters

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