Standard Deviants 10m 9/16 R MW Monk

Area 52
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Tier 14: 6/6N MSV 3/6N HoF

Tier 11: 6/13H Tier 12: 6/7H Tier 13: 8/8H

Our guild is a 10 man raiding guild. We plan to kill as much as possible on our raiding days and expect high quality playing during raids. We consider ourselves to be a true professional casual guild. What we're looking for are people willing to put in the time on theory crafting, maximizing gear and performance and with the desire to put up competitive numbers in the DPS or healing aspect. Our goal is to clear all content in our limited raiding time. We are now raiding 2 days a week + alt run!

Our Raid Schedule is as follows:
Main raid - Friday 9pm - 1am
Main raid - Saturday 8pm - 12p

Recruitment Needs:

We are recruiting for MoP.

Main run:

1 Mistweaver Monk - 470 ilvl min

All applicants must have 50k DPS Minimum all fights. We prefer a 463 ilvl Minimum.

Exceptional players of any class are always welcome to apply.

We offer guild repairs, cauldrons, enchants and feasts to full members. You MUST have a good attitude, and be able to fulfill all the roles of your class to your best ability. Our guild is very experienced in all raid content from classic WOW all the way through our current Cataclysm raid progression. We will not tolerate drama as we are all adults with the same goal; to enjoy the game and our experience with the guild.

How to Impress us? Be prepared for the raid, know your class inside and out and all the appropriate consumables and glyphs ready.

Contact us in game for more information or via the website, no formal written application required either contact us in game or post on our website with your interest, vent interview may be requested:

ingame: Hamstring, Hawthorn, Velectra

You may also reply to this thread with an informal application if interested; include name, email, class, specs and wol parse ( if available ).
bump still looking, also possibly looking for a melee back up contact in game or via site / thread
Would you be willing to accept a prot/ret? Also, I didn't see an application form on the site, am i missing something or do I just talk to you to apply?
Bumping for new recruitment needs, we are unfortunately not looking for another prot paladin at this time. Feral druid or warrior only please!
Also see our recruitment post in game on Area 52!

Where are all the feral and warrior tanks?
bump still need a feral or warrior tank!
Sometimes I forget my middle name.
I pulled a hamstring once. I had to go to a misogynist.
I saw a stork building its nest outside our garage. I'm not stupid; I know where babies come from.
When the tanks talk about mitigation I wonder if they mean fleas & ticks, or termites.
The miniature hand-towels in the ladies' room are too expensive.
I think my cat has been auctioning my enchanting mats.
Some good guys in here. Bump for friends.
1 HEALER!!! Preferably resto druid!. Still accepting Tanking applications as well.
1 HEALER!!! Preferably resto druid!. Still accepting Tanking applications as well.
Kenyo is a bad :)
BUMP DPS and Healers please apply!

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