Standard Deviants 10m 9/16 R MW Monk

Area 52
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We <3 Hybrids! Come join us - 6/13 and climbing!
maybe i should re roll a warrior? ;)
Looking for more apps!
hey i tryed to contact all those names in game and no one was on just checking things to aply at there really arent any i registered on the website and everything couldnt find a place to apply so im just hoping someone can get back to me in the game i was hoping to get into a raid this week and get the bosses dwn i currently only got cho gall down and im a 360 ilvl fury warrior.
bump for new casual schedule and funnnn
few questions about the guild. do you need a tank? i am wanting to transfer my feral druid here, he is ilvl 371. your schedule is perfect for me.

i noticed you have 3/7, but i dont see anyone in the guild with 3/7 on wowprogrss. i see like 4 people in yur guild with 2/7. do you guys pug a lot? maybe wowprogress is bugged, but it doesnt show your guild killing any of the bosses in firelands yet.

also you might want to update on wowprogress recruting. thats where i seen your guild, but it says something very different than whats posted here in the area 51 forums.

i also noticed taht lionis is tanking and missing a blacksmith gem in his bracres. i will check back here later to see if you could use a tank.

Hello Bloodmagic,

We're 2/7 (Shannox and Beth, with several learning attempts on Rhyolith), having just set foot in Firelands for the first time this past weekend with 8 guildmates, 1 friend in another guild, and 1 pug.

Our Wowprogress profile is updated now to reflect our current needs which are in the OP of this thread, thank you :)
Hello there, we do not need a tank at this time, only what is listed.

Wowprogress is definitely bugged, we one shotted Shannox with more then half the raid never seeing it, killed beth in a few kills and got some good attempts on rhy. I thought it was 3 but it is actually 2/7 and i'll adjust that, though i'm sure we'll have 3 or 4/7 this weekend.

I also am not missing a blacksmith gem in my tanking bracers. :) ( maybe in my ret set though )
i tried for a few days now to find someone online. seen a priest on once but he never replied to my tells. tried all hours too :(

do u guys only log in on saturdays for the raid?
Mostly at night for a few hours, and on Saturdays, we're on right now. :)
Hello, are you all still looking for those two dps spots (1 ranged, 1 melee)? A friend (feral cat) and I have recently server transferred and are looking for our "spot" in an Area 52 guild. So if ya guys are still looking for those spots let me know and i'd love to have further discussion.
bump for resto druid
Bump for awesome group

Please don't make me heal! :)
Bump for zany to come and app to your guild
<3 Aestela

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