Standard Deviants 10m 9/16 R MW Monk

Area 52
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Bump need Holy paladin too.
Awesome group needs healers, come on a52
Interested in a 376 (370 geared) resto druid? I'm only 1/7 regular (I've seen 3/7, but only downed Shannox). I realize that this late in the game it's rare to see anyone with that little FL experience, but my current guild has been through a lot of drama, atrophy, and inconsistent raid attendance.

As a working adult I find it harder and harder to raid three times a week (especially with no progression). One night a week with a guild that is commited to efficiency, progression, and coordination would be a great opportunity.

Edit: I've also got this low geared warlock if you are in need of rdps.
bump for hunter/pally
We miss milano :(
bump hunter/pally

recruiting for dragonsoul
Bump need a good hunter for DS!
Bump need hunter and holy paladin PLEASEEEE
tell me where my awh went to or suffer miserably. also lionnis sux

ps it's autonomy
She went into hiding from some weirdo she said, i dunno! :)

ps give huntar and pally
LF Hunter and HPal! PST
In need of Hunter, rogue, Holy paladin
See above.
Bump for Hpally and Hunter weekend raiding guild still in need.
My hat is stupendous.
Holy Paladin and Hunter....bump raiding twice a week now
Hunter or Lock 25k+ dps ... raiding twice a week also now!
Bump madness 1 percent wipe last week, need hunter or lock!

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