Standard Deviants 10m 9/16 R MW Monk

Area 52
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7/8 on our alts now
Struggling to get a hold of you in game. Are there alts I should be looking for?
I'll take that to mean you aren't interested. If it makes any difference, I have some logs that show I know what I am doing. If not, thanks anyway, and good luck to you all.
Contact me in game via in game mail if i'm not on, or make a post on the site. We are interested.
I've registered for the site. Here are some LFR logs for your perusal:

Morchok fight I was soaking crystals, Zon'ozz fight was melee group, hence the number of shadowflames. All fights are unbuffed.
Thanks for the input an officer will contact you.

We're 2/8H, working on Hagara.
Looking for a good lock! Our Boomkin and Spriest want DI badly!
Bump lock/hunter 30k DPS MINIMUM
30K on which fight
30k minimum on all fights please
wtb hpal pst

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